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Is is safe to inhale hydrogen peroxide through your nose?
In order to kill an infection? Is there a liquid antiseptic that is safe? How about salt water?

Brian F
what did you do gash your nostril open?
Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is relativly safe, since it breaks down in light to H2O and O2.

2 H2O2 + light > 2 H2O + O2

But please do not inhale it to get high!!!!!

don't inhale it into your lungs. if you were onto something here it would have been discovered by now. so what have you been putting up your nose.? you might as well ask if it's ok to be a drug addict online.

well it will turn your nose hair BLONDE!

The safest way to kill an infection in ur nose is with Amoxicillan..there are other anti-biotics that are for people that are allergic to penicillan...inhaling hydrogen peroxide thru ur nose is not safe..Salt water would burn your sinuses

Hydrogen peroxide is only for external use.
Take this for example H2O2 in a biological medium breaks into H2O (water) and O (molecular oxygen). This molecular oxygen is a very powerful oxidizer and only one molecule can initiate a chain of oxidation with release of free radicals throughout the cells. Free radicals damage cell structure, proteins, enzymes and are also responsible for cancer.
This is why H2O2 is used as a local disinfecting agent. The released molecular oxygen kills bacteria and other germs around the wound.

What kind of infection. You should probably see a doctor. However for nasal allergies, rinsing your nose with some salt water about three times a day is very good for clearing out allergens and preventing sinus infections. But don't INHALE it. Inject it in gently with a flexible hose. They actually sell little sprays and pumps for this.
I'd stay away from hydrogen peroxide.

No why would u do that? Go to the doctor. Or look at local drug store and ask the Pharmacist what they may have that is safe to use

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer that destroys loose tissue and it'll have a field day with the membranes inside your nose and sinuses. It works great on sores on external skin because that's what it's for... to cleanse the wound area out. But never put it into your nose, ears, or eyes.

Use a warm, saline solution to flush your nose and sinuses out with instead.

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