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Is eating a salad everyday bad for you?
I eat a salad most every day with my lunch. On the salad I do put other toppings. Is it okay to have one every day though, or is it too repetative? I do know that I am supposed to eat about 3 cups of veggies a day. Is there something that I can substitue for a salad?
Additional Details
I do eat all the other groups, but I just wanted to know if a salad for the veggies portion is ok to eat for every day.

It is very good source of nutrients that you need. But if that is all you are eating then it can be turned into a bad thing unless you add protein with it i.e. fish, poultry, etc.

No it is very healthy. Mind you it is not a good idea to havee the same type all the time. It is best to vary it.

It's not unhealthy for you, there are plenty of great vitimans and nutrients you can absorb from plants. But remember that we are mammals and our digestive systems can be very particular.

Leaves and folage (or salad) is meant actually to help the stomach's process of breaking down materials since we are not designed to digest them very well individually (the leaves and greens). And exsessive eating of it could actually do harm to your intestines. So just be cautious to moderate how much you eat. Once a day shouldn't be too much.

It's a good idea! If you were eating only salads for every meal, I would suggest taking a multi vitamin.

It's good for you. There's nothing wrong with repeating the same salad every day, healthwise. It you start to get bored with this routine, that's when it becomes too repetitive.

Three cups of any veggies will do. If you want to duplicate the benefits of salad, then the cooked vegetables you are eating should have rather more fiber and rather less starch, just as salad ingredients do. So spinach, bok choy, and other leafy cooked things match up better than potatoes, peas, corn, or beans. Stir frying is an easy way to cook vegetables that packs a lot of flavor, and you can eat them cold too.

I think a lot of peope put way too much dressing on their salad, so that every salad tastes the same, regardelss of the ingredients. That sounds to me like a way to get bored with it sooner. Each salad and each ingredient will taste a little different if you start with a lot less dressing.

Umar Khan
No, Its Good for your Health

eating salad everday is not at all bad for you .. its is healthy

It is good for health.

Salad is good for you. The dressing might have some negative effect. Sometimes I just each celery. I love Lima beans.

u can use fruit or yogurt instead, but there isnt anything wrong with salads at all.

You will not die.
Well, not if the salad is PART of a balanced diet.
To see if you eating a balanced diet look here:

Of course not, thats about the best thing u can do everyday. Just make sure thats not the only thing you're eating a day.

Eating only salad can sometimes weaken your digestive system. Hence, along with salads, we should also eat or regulat supplementry diet, so that we do not get malnourished.

Not at all. In fact, it's very healthy for you. Just make sure you eat a balance of the different food groups during the day.

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