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Is Your thumb a finger? is your pinkey a finger?
only bc i tink u have 9 fingers or 6 because i pinkey iz a pinkey right like a thumb is a thumb right? i know they're on your hand but..

to me we have 6 fingers

NO your thumb is called a digit and yes your little pinky is a finger

the thumb is not a finger. but the pinky is.
but they are both considered digits.

your pinky is definitely a finger

they're all fingers
thumb and pinkey are just like specfic name for the kind of finger they are
same with index finger

thumb no, pinky yes

On each hand you have four fingers and a thumb. Period.

Use a baseball diamond as an analogy. Some people think there are four bases. In reality there are three bases and home plate.

Happy thumbing!

They are all carpal phalanges.

So in my opinion, yes.

i dont think the thumb is cosidwered a finger....

Your thumb is not a finger, but your pinky is.

ok but still nonetheless we all have 10 fingers (and 10 toes jic u were wondering tht too lol)

doc z
We have ten fingers and ten toes. The thumb is a specialised finger. The great toe is a specialised toe.

the pinkey and thumb ARE a finger!

Ms Merlin
9 or 6?
you should learn to count i reckon.

your thumb (of which you have two) is not a finger.
therefore you have 8 fingers (ten minus two).
and two thumbs.
your little finger IS a finger otherwise it would not be called little finger.
the difference between your thumbs and fingers is the way they are able to rotate in different directions.

I ♥ David Archuleta
umm yea they are all fingers...

i think all five extremities on each hand are fingers
meaning both the thumb and pinky are fingers

Secret Agent Man
they are all the same to me. its kind of stupid to say that the thumb is not a finger because it pretty much works the same way.

They are fingers if they are located on your hands.

no their specially adapted apparatuses designed to manage unicycles.

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