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Infected [new] ear piercing--should I leave the earing out?
I got my 2nd set of ear piercings done about 4 weeks ago. I am supposed to leave the studs in for 6 weeks, but yesterday it began to swell on one ear and it bothered me today, too. As I was washing my face this evening the towel got caught on the earing and some red/pink puss and a little blood came out. I took the earing out to clean around it and put some disinfectant on it. Should I leave it out over night, or put the stud back in?? Am I at risk of the hole closing in any when it dries out over night? Advice?

Jessica C
The hole shold not close over night. I would clean the wound really good and leave it out for one night and then push it back through in the morning. You may even have to let them heal and close and then go back again. I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but it needs to heal or else you will have bigger problems on your hands.

if you take the earing out you can trap the infection in and it can spread. guess what organ is closest to your ear...

yea i had the same thing happen when i got my ears pierced........you can buy some ear peircing cleaning stuff....that usually works pretty well......just clean it OFTEN and try to sqeeze the puss out.....if you have to take it out to do so then do it but dont leave it out for to long

Cindy F
it would be best that you leave the ear ring out. It definitely is infected.

No, don't take the ring out! It will most likely close up on you and it needs to stay open for the infection to drain. Disinfectant isn't that good to use on your peircing either. I had trouble with my nose peircing, and I used tea tree oil and it cleared it right up within 2 or 3 days. I had tried every other thing I could possibly think of for weeks, and as soon as I tried tea tree oil...voila! Bye, bye infection! Depending on where you get it, it will probably cost around $10, but it last for ages and is so worth it!

Good luck! :)

yes you should take it out but it will close up. i suggest that if you want to keep it in keep cleaning it.if it gets very painful then go to ur doc and they will prescribe meds to fight the infection if this dosent help then it will need to be taken out.

the hole / will close up / clean with peroxide /put back / in /apply / an / over the counter /antibiotic / ointment / do this /3 times a day / if not healed / in less / than a week /take it out / do not put / back in /good luck

its really up to you.. I had a cartalage.. swell up and pounding in my head really bad.. but my school nurse was like you could die.. really didn't think so.. but I don't remember if I took it out.. I think I took the back off.. and let my ear breathed.. and tried to and hurt really bad.. and its hard to get back in... but if its been 4 weeks and douple on the lobe then I think it would be fine if you did take it out.. clean it.. put it back in after an hour or 2.. like my nose if i leave it out for more then an hour.. it begins to hurt really bad and its been almost a year. good luck hope I helped..

chances are it will start closing so you could either take th chance and put it back in but just clean it much more often or you can keep it out wait for it to heal and repierce which I had to do once because the infection was not getting any better

Take out your earrings and get a pair of hypo-allergenic ones. Clean your piercings 3x aday with hydrogen peroxide.Take your earrings out when you do this and rinse then with peroxide as well.

no. i pierced my ears two years ago, and they were infected CONSTANTLY for the first year and a half. now their finally grown in and right. just give it time, time i tell you! and clean your ears GOOD. and spin/rotate your earrings.

NO! You must NEVER take the earring out of an infected ear piercing, or infact piercing of any kind. Go to your doctor and he/she will give you some cream that will soon eradicate the infection. Trust me, I've been there! Hope this helps x

Don't take the stud out. If it's a minor infecton & it sounds like it is, use alcohol to clean it & apply neosporin twice a day. (You should have been cleaning it with alcohol twice a day anyway for about the first week or 2 & rotating them so the skin doesn't grow to the earring.) If the studs are cheap, you can take them out & replace with hypo-allergenic ones but do it quickly as the hole will scab over after a short time.

If it's bad, go to the doctor & get an antibiotic. You may be forced to take the stud out & get it re-pierced at a later time because, yes it will close up if you remove the stud.

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