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If your nail comes off will it grow back?
3 quaters of my middle toe nail has come off i don't no what do do , will it grow back or what will happen

If you cut yourself will the skin grow back?

Yes - then your nail will as well
No - you're not normal

Yes it will come back.
actually this happend to me today as I opened a door and it ran up over my toe and ripped the nail off. EEEK!
I am soaking mine in warm, salty water (for healing and pain relief) for about 20 minutes. Then put socks on and try (really hard) not to bang it on anything.

It will grow back. Just keep it protected until it does.
Probably about 3 weeks.

yes your nail will grow back, just takes some time

Yes I have lost mine.

yes it will grow back but very slowly this happened to my son when he had to have his thumb nail removed make sure you keep it clean and protected and let the air at it to aid with the drying out and healing,visit your doctor or chiropodist and they might remove it completely so that the nail bed doesn't become infected and allows the nail to grow fully from the base

Yes, it will my big toe nail fell off completely and it grew back in about a month

Yes it will grow back.
Almost a year ago,I accidentally ripped off my big toe nail.Yes it was very painful.It was raw and bleeding,so I just kept it very clean and as sterile as possible until it dried up.It healed up perfectly and I now have a new toe nail.

Yes it will grow back.

Yep - even stronger than it was before

dont panic i had a friend whose whole nail fell off it grew back in about a month

Yes,about 1mm a week,the same rate as hair grows,if you eat well. They are made of the same protein,called keratin.

yes it will grow back.

Yes, it should, but make sure you keep the area clean, so that it doesn't become infected. But it should be absolutely fine. Get better soon!

Yes it will grow back.

It depends on the reason it fell off. If it fell off because you hit it like with a hammer yes it will grow back without a problem. If it is due to an infection like a fungus infection it will grow back but probably fall off again. You need to get it treated if it is a infection. If it is fungal your nails should be yellow and brittle.

ray c
yes it will do`t worry


It will grow back don't worry.....Had a friend who's hole toe nail fell off, it grew back

Yes will definetly grow back.. i lost my toe nail when a door slammed on my big toe. All of it came off even the extra meat areas.. it grew back so quick x

Natalie Louise
It sure will! Nails along with hair are amoung the many things on our bodies that continue to grow throughout our lifetime. The one thing i would be concerned about is an ingrown toenail. Keep a close eye on it, because ingrown toenails can be quite painful. Other than that it should be fine. Just keep the area covered with some bandaging like a bandaid to prevent dirt from getting in and to provide some sort of cushioning to the area.

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