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If someone drink some bleach, what the best thing for them to do?
my best just drink some bleach and now we dont kno waht to do, we gave her warm milk? plz im freakin out, she's sleepin over at my house with some other friends. plz!!! i dont waht anything to happen o her. plz! omg!! we hvae school tomorrow!!
Additional Details
ph my God !! i have to pray so freakin hard tonite!!1 she's okay, !!!! she puked it all out including hte pieces of pizza we jus hate!!!!! omg!!! im so happy!! :]] and she thanks all of you for helping out!!!!!

omg! arent you happy for her!!!? for us!!

Induce vomiting. And immediately call poison control!

Drink milk and dial 911.



☺ smuckin ώ fart ☺
Some friend you are letting her drink bleach, what the hell were you thinking????

Home Treatment

DO NOT INDUCE EMESIS (VOMITING). If bleach is on the skin, wash with lots of water. If bleach is swallowed, give milk or water and seek emergency medical care immediately.

1) Call poison control center
2) Give lots of milk
3) NEVER induce vomiting, it burned going down, it will burn coming back up.


Holy man---what spazzes you are.
Grow up.

take them to the er

George K
Dial 911 stupid.

call 911, call poison control, get off your computer.

Why are you here? Take her to the hospital or tell your parents or something. Your wasting time typing on the computer. If this is not real its not funny little girl!

Kira Sohma
Call the poison control center!

go to hospital emergency section fast.

call poison control immediately.

You must get her to the hospitol to get her stomach pumped. Call 911 now.

Elizabeth L
Call the frickin poison control center and call a frickin ambulance you idiot

okay your friend just drank bleach now im going to laugh because your on hear asking people like theirs doctors online....GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM DUHHHHHHHH

Deidre M
Go striaght to the hospital!!!!duhh!!

what you need to do is if there is any bleach on her skin, wash it off make sure you get it all off. call 911.. tell the dispatcher that she swallowed bleach. the EMT's will come and most likely give activated charcol... this will coat your stomach so the acid in the bleach doesnt eat her entire stomach... in the mean time... stop reading what im writing and call 911..

Oooh baby! The bleach bottle has specific directions. Next time just read the bottle of any chemical that is in your system. I took the liberty of reading it for you.
Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by the poison control center or doctor. Drink large amounts of water. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. For poison control call 1-800-222-1222.

robert l
i;m very happy she is okay but what you should do now is put her in the washer machine on rinse cycle,but since your putting her in there you might as well put a few laundry items in to make a full load of wash but make sure they are whites of course, hope i've been helpful.

1. Look on the side of the bleach bottle. It probably has some kind of helpful advice like Induce Vomiting or Don't Induce Vomiting.
2. Call the poision control center. They'll really want you to take your friend to the ER, but they can also give you more info than is on the bottle.
3. Find out why your friend drank bleach to begin with so it doesn't happen again. Good grief!

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