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If I put my hand in a pot of boiling hot water and it starts to blister, what do I do?

Shelty K
Immediately immerse it in running water or ice it down and get to the ER

Get some aloe vera or coco butter
You may have to see a doctor .. if you stuck your hand in the pot you may have 3rd degree burns
If you stick your hand in a pot of boiling water..
If you stick your hand in a pot of boiling water..
If you stick your hand in a pot of boiling water..
Why did you do that in the first place?
Are you joking?

She's right. Run it under cool water- not cold or warm and don't wrap it in anything because you'll only do more harm when they unwrap it. Besides wrapping it will hurt for a while. However, try to not touch ANYTHING to it. An infected burn is not pretty.This sounds like a second degree burn if it is red, blistering or oozing. You'll need to go to an ER ASAP to get a prescribed burn cream or antibiotic. Don't wait until later, go now to either an urgent care center or hospital emergency room.. Sorry, tough luck.

I would contact your shrink to get you more meds. Why would a person do this in the first place?

If you didn't mean this as a dumb question and meant it as a serious question, my apologies, but the way it is worded it seems dumb.

However if it is for real, don't run cold water on it, run luke warm water on it and and what ever you do don't wrap it in anything. If it is bad enough and you wrap anything on it, when you pull the wrap off, it will peel your skin off with it. Call or go to your nearest ER for help if you think it is severe.

Is this something you are plannning or anticipating? Just wondering, cause if it just happened the typing is pretty good..If the burn just occurred you should cover the area with mustard. It has a property that stops the burn because your skin contiues to burn after being remover from the heat source. Then bandage to cover from infection and get yourself to the ER.

matthew m
Have you seen CRANK "it could be worse"...movie about unresolved issues!

put the other one in to pull out the first one. Then take it to the hospital. Its gonna be bandaged over with dry sterile bandages putting nothing on the skin. The body will heal itself

Take your hand out of the pot!!! Then, just sit and stare at it. My guess is that if you did something that stupid you must be pretty high, and the sight of the blisters forming would prove to be quite "cool" and "trippy". My ultimate advice... Quit doing drugs!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't put your hand into a pot of boiling water? Where is your mother?


Terry S
It's not "IF", boiling water will burn you. Are you mental?

The pdf below is from Australia, but as a rule boiling water is pretty much the same from one place to the next.

"If I put my hand in a pot of boiling water..." I'm surprised your parents let you stay in the house by yourself!

Dont worry it wont blister.. But what I usually do when I put my hand in a pot of boiling water, is to hold it in there for about 20 minutes, or until the meat starts falling off the bone. its surprising how good boiled fingers taste..try it.

ice water in a plastic big zip lock bag put your hand in and speed drive to the ER with one hand or call the ambulance
etherway good luck with that

aspca volunteer

i jest luv them stupid questions.........you have got to be kidding? first off, water can not blister.........your hand can....pull it out and have your mommy or daddy to teach you how to use a.........on second thought, move to a tent and just stay there

Elaine T
please tell us you're kidding. why would anyone old enough to type put their hand in a pot of boiling water?

take your hand out of the pot....duh....

Enjoy your stupidity you dumbass.

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