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ashley e
I was sprayed with mace by accident. whats the best remedy for stopping the burning in my eyes and skin?

Use tomato juice and lots of water. That's about it!

~ Cutie with Anwsers ~
i havent had experiance with this subject, but my advice would be to keep a cold cloth on them and rinse them out every 7 - 10 mins for like an hour and see if it helps. Dont put any cremes on or near your eyes they will just get worse. If this doesnt help go to a doctor ASAP before they get worse.

accidentally? no means no.

UR Personal HairStylist Amanda
ICE CUBES!! And really really cold water it's in your pores and the only way to make it stop and take some ibuprofen or pain reliever. It shouldn't last but an hour or less.

Oh gosh, lots and lots and lots of water! Soak in it!

Poor thing!

Miss Informed
You should go to an emergency room. It can cause actual burns on your skin and in your eyes.
Mace can be re-activated by water too, so stay out of the shower.
Good luck!

They say copious amounts of water, which is sensible to try first, but capsaicin is fat soluble, so I would try full cream milk, or buttermilk, on an area of skin, to see if it worked better, and if it did, first one eye, and if it was better than the other one, both of them, ensuring they were well washed later, when the feeling subsided.

water water water and more water

do not rub
it will go away eventually

water and water ONLY. food products, creams, oils, or lotions can irritate the burning and could cause infection (especially near the eyes)

applying ice can make the buring sensations worse and can cause ice burns to your skin.

flush your eyes out with water for several minutes. do this until you are able to keep them open and the irritation subsides. this might take several minutes or a few hours depending on the type of spray that was used and how much exposure you received.

wash your eyelids and the other areas that were affected with mild soap (dove or ivory only). this will help break down the oily resin that's in the spray and help to remove it from the skin.

drink LOTS of water to help your eyes produce tears-this will flush them out.

when drying your skin off after rinsing it, blot it-DON'T wipe. wiping can irritate the skin more, causing the burning sensation to be worse. discard towels into the trash or directly into the washer with hot water.

if you begin to develop problems breathing, no matter how mild-report to the emergency room immediately. in some people, allergic reactions can occur that, in severe cases, can cause them to stop breathing.

on your skin apply or drench cotton balls in maalox and apply. the maalox nullifies the capsesin in the mace. for your eyes, u need to irrigate it with water

Vamp Chick
water water and more water.

You shouldblink vigorously in order to encourage tears, which will help flush the irritant from the eyes. Some of the oil can be washed off the face using a degreasing, non-oily soap such as a mild dish detergent, and a fan will provide some relief

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