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Michelle =P
I think I have an ear infection...?
So I'm 15 and my ears feel plugged, on and off, and hurt on and off.. expecially my left ear. I've read up on how an ear infection is caused, and it's something like a cold causes the tube to swell and germs can build up in your ear. But the thing is, I never had a cold in a long time... so does that mean its impossible that I have an ear infection? What else could it be? And any ideas how to make it feel better?

Here's an old home remedy that I've used 100's of times with great success.

Take a Q tip and tip it in rubbing alcohol and white vinegar,
let a few drops drip into your ear canal. Put a cotton ball in ear to help hold the mixture in. The alcohol helps dry out the water and the vinegar helps kill the bacteria. Do this a few times a day and you will be feeling better in no time at all. :-)

BTW my doctor had suggested this to me years and years ago.

Try putting some Seet Oil in your ear. You can get at at Wal Mart

You might just have "gunk" in your ears, really causes that plugged feeling you mentioned, can be painful, and can even cause headaches and loss of balance.

Get an ear-wax softener, put the drops in for like 10min, then with a proper ear syringe, rinse with warm water, in the ear canal, about 15 times. You can get all the stuff you need at a drugstore for about 10 bucks.

You could have allergies. I would ask your parent to take you to the doctor's or clinic to see if you do have an ear infection.

It could be a build up of ear wax, that can make you feel like you have an ear infection. That actually happen to me, my ear was hurting and i thought i had an ear infection. I went to the doctor for it and they kept giving antibiotics, but that wasn't helping. So I decided to go to an ear, nose and throat doctor, and come to find out my ear had an build up of wax. So he flushed my ear with an solution and cleaned it out. and it felt so much better. I thought i was cleaning my ear when using a cu tip but i was just pushing the wax further. So my suggestion is for you to see an ENT doctor and that would probably help.

ask your doctor to have a look inside that ear of yours. Could just be an irritation. but who knows im not a doctor.

yes, you may have an ear infection, you may feel popping and what not. A doctor can diagnose the ear infection with an otoscope and prescribe an antibiotic if it is an infection. You may also have fluid in your ears, If you have allergies, this causes your nose to get plugged up, then fluid fills into the eustachian tubes. But again, I would speak with a Doctor! Good luck!

You may want to try a warm washcloth and lay on the affected side.

Troubadour 1318
if you hear popping in ur ear then u have a ear infection if u feel it plugged u might have some water in the middle of the ear. if drainage appears go to the doctor ASAP that is a major ear infection. I could also be alergies

As one poster said, ear problems may be related to fluid in the ear, as well as infection. People often get water in their ears when they shower or swim. This can cause ear aches and infection. What I do is lay on the bed with the aching ear up and fill my ear with rubbing alcohol. I lie there for a few minutes and then roll over. The water in the ear is displaced by the alcohol and it runs out. Careful here, you don't want to get alcohol in your eyes. Good luck.

I have 1 too, you should go to a family doctor and then if you have a real infections go to hospital;play maplestory, it will make you forget you have 1

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