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I think I broke my pinky toe... should I have a Doctor look at or just let it heal?

Have it checked, but they can't cast it. All they can do is make sure it's in the right place, then tape it until it heals. In the mean time, you're gonna be in some pain.

Hope you heal quickly!

It's probably best to go to a doctor. Most of the time, they'll tell you to just let it heal and not stress it too much, but it's better to be on the safe side.

Go to the doctor to avoid any healing complications. And get proper treatment

well, its not like they can really put a cast on it. my sister had the same problem and it healed fine. if something really bad happens (like some kind of complication), then you can see a doctor. It should just heal, though.

it probaly better to go the doctor he/she might do something to make it better

keeping in mind I have no medical degree I know the cartiledge in said pinky toe is not something that a doctor will "set" so if you can bear the pain I would not go to a doctor. ....i would go immediately if you need 10 vicoden which is probably the best you can hope for.

milonakis_ 2012
well the doc cant do anything but they have little cast at like cvs and wallgreens thats what i used

Put ice on it to reduce swelling and elevate it. Then you can take some gauze and bandage tape and tape the pinky toe to the next toe. This works as a splint and will allow the toe to heal in a normal position. The ER won't do very much more. Take OTC pain killers (Tylenol, Motrin, etc.) Watch for signs of infection redness, warm to touch, swelling(after initial swelling has gone away.) Expect some swelling accompanied by bruising and discoloration.

Good Luck:)

resource man
as long as your toe isn't all bent up or bleeding there is nothing they can do but confirm if it is broke let it heal on its own if it turns funny colors or the swelling wont go down after a few days go to the doc

Should probaly get someone to check it out. You don't want to get gane green or whatever that infection is...

Xray Tech here: when people break their toes, the orthopedic technologists often "buddy tape them," which means they'll tape the toe that's broken to the toe beside it, which keeps the broken bone from moving more out of place, so the place where the break is can "knit" back together and heal. If you want my opinion, save yourself some healthcare expense and unnecessary radiation from the x-rays they'll undoubtedly do and tape the toe you think is broken to the one next to it. If it was me, I'd take about 4 advils or tylenol xtra strength a couple times a day (but don't do this for more than a week, that's bad for the liver), and see if it gets better. If your problem continues after about a week, you might THEN want to go see a doctor, or if the toe swells alarmingly bigger. Slight swelling is normal, as well as blue/purple/black discoloration, unless the swelling is extreme, or the discoloration includes the entire toe. You can, of course, see your primary care doctor, instead of any kind of emergency facility, and save yourself a little money while getting expert medical advice. If taping it doesn't help, the orthopedic techs usually put a "Boot" on the patients which is a weird looking orthopedic shoe, which is very irritating, but will definitely cost more than tape. Good Luck, and use good judgement!!!!

You'd probably be better off going to the doctor. There's not much they can do for a pinky toe (broke mine this time last year), but its better to have them take xrays and make sure that it will heal properly... you don't want to be stuck with a poorly healed toe =)

Doctor wouldn't hurt. It will heal, but it may not set right. So you could end up with a "crooked toe"

Go see a doctor. You might have to imobilize the pinky toe... Sometimes it can become crooked if you don't do anything about it.

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