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 Is yawning really contagious?
why is it that one person in the room yawns another person will do the same? i have noted this when i was in high school....

 Swollen neck?
Hey guys, I could use some house hold soultions if any of you can help. Thanks. My problem is my neck is swollen and my neck is out of alignment. Now I can't really do anything about it until I ...

 What is the best cure for dry itchy skin?

 What would you consider todays bulbonic plague, or black death?

 My grandbaby has a ear infection what will help best no meds please only home base help natural?

Additional Details
hes been to the dr and on meds
along time now they want to put in tubs hank s for the ...

 Can you die from hicups?

 Is there a way to stop excessive drooling while you sleep?

 Are antibiotics good to be taken for six months non stop?

 It is probably wise for me to quit smoking before I want to diet and exercise huh?
I am so out of shape but I know smoking is not helping me want to exercise because of the out of breath feeling. I hate that feeling, and know I have to lose weight. So smart idea to do that first. I...

 Is using a juicer harmful to your health?
My mother-in-law took one look at my new stainless steel juicer and declared that she read somewhere that using juice machines is not good. Please give me some helpful information to calm her fears. ...

 How do i stop hiccups?

 Why am I so tired?
I have been tired all my life and it seems to be getting worse. I am 53 years old. Even, when I sleep a lot on the weekends to make up for not sleeping enough during the week, say 10-12 hours, I ...

 I have "Tinnitus" - a ringing in the ear...Does anyone out there know of a cure... or a very good treatment

 Is there any relief for fybromyalgia?

 Where did the saying "I have to Pee come from?

 What is first aid?

 Is there a chance that i will die younger than i want to ? Because of Lupis.?

 I burned my foot with boiling water yesterday.My skin has blistered and turned purple and a larger red area?
around the purple area. Is this normal?
Additional Details
I burned my foot yesterday. My skin has blistered and turned purple, with a larger red area around the purple area. Is this ...

 Blood in Pooh - Should i get my Tetanus shot?
Curious... when i dont eat enough fiber i tend to bleed in my pooh (yuk!) and so because i read that the tetnaus bacteria lives in soil and manure was wondering since i am bleeding in my #2 (it feels ...

 What Do I Do?
All my buddies are drunk or getting drunk. I have no ride to the hospital as I am half drunk. My Angel is out of town. What do I do? I need my hand taken care of....

I scream, shout and swear in my sleep. How do I stop?
My mom always told me that I talk a lot in my sleep and sometimes I wake up shouting too, but recently my husband told me that every alternate night I start fighting with someone or the other - in very loud tones and most of the time I also swear and abuse the person I'm fighting with.

This is really freaking me out and I dont remember who I fight with or what I dream, but this also disturbs him and we dont have kids yet, but what will my babies think of me when they hear all kinds of profanity from their mommy's mouthwhile she's in dreamland!

I need to make it stop but I dont even know where to begin. Somebody?

shove a sock in your mouth

heavy drugs

marry as soon as possible

hmm i would say duck tape but thats a lil to extreme tell your husband to record you one day and then you guys watch the tape and if you think its needed take it to a Psyc Dr to see what he thinks

go to the doctors and ask if you should take sleeping tablets, this shouting may be because of bad sleep.

Take light dinner in the night.Don't watch violent programes on Tv before sleep.Also if you became irritated in the day with some one discuss it in the home.Also heavy work load in the evening make this,just as heavy exercise.
try to pray before sleep.These may help.

Travlin' Grama
Try taking 500 mg to 1,000 mg of magnesium at night. It's a muscle and mind relaxer and will help you get a more restful night's sleep.

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