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Thank you asbo arry. I`m sure I will....

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 How to successfully treat a 3rd degree burn?

 How do you stop a cut lip from bleeding?
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 My pink eye wont go away!?
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 Owww!!!!my sunburn hurts like crazy what do i do?
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 What's the best way to make a 2nd degree burn on the palm of your hand and fingers stop hurting?

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 I grate my teeth most nights while im sleeping, does anyone els suffer from this and is there a prevention?

Additional Details
i partake in over 1 and 1/2 hours of cardio exercise a day....

I just accidentally cut my leg off with a power saw... i put a towel around it, but it keeps soaking up!?
what the hell do i do?

You cut your whole leg off and your on the computer?!!! Get to hospital.

LOL R U serouis, you you cut off your leg yet you had time to go on your computer.

But if you are serouis call 911, while you wait get a new towel and freeze the amputated leg, this will help preserve it then there may be a chance that they can sow it back on.

Yeah ok, and i just cut my head off, but yet im on the computer.

Terry O
If you can't get the bleeding to stop you should get to an emergency room. First aid is to raise the wound above the level of your heart, which can be tricky unless you are lying down. Apply a tourniquet above the wound. Release the tournniquet momentarily every fifteen minutes.

Call the police? What is this a riddle? Your blood loss should render you unconcious by now.... Should you happen to be alive, apply pressure to it... tenderly wrapping a towel around it is gonna give you those exact results...
But hey, thanks for the 2 pts, hope everything works out for ya...

EDIT: I'm not saying wrapping a towel is suffient pressure, I'm saying her wrapping it around her leg is gonna give her the results she got.... anyways it's all fake.

Dawn R
i agree with aarons girl. you really will look silly with one leg longer than the other.

With an injury like this, you're at risk for being permenantly paralized from the neck up...

Aaron's Girl
cut off your other leg so you dont look stupid. then you can be like lt. dan! (from forrest gump if you dont know.)

If I cut my leg off I hardly think I'd be on the computer asking strangers what to do. Obviously you would be at the hospital if it were true. Why do people ask phony questions?

Nick Nack

Go to the hospital. Call 911.

first of all your a young girl so what are you doing near a power saw, and why are you in the computer if your leg got cut off. and why out of all websites like web md do you come here.

I find it a little hard to believe you cut your leg off and stopped to ask about it on Yahoo! But, just in case, first have someone call 911 NOW! You are in real danger of bleeding to death. In order to prevent this, you are going to have to put a tourniquet on your leg. Direct pressure with a towel is insufficient for a severed limb because of severed arteries. Give nothing by mouth until paramedics arrive.

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