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I ingested a little bit of bleach. Besides a bit of a weird taste I feel fine, should I call the doctor?

Additional Details
It was just a tiny bit that got onto my hand from the counter while there was cleaning solution on it. I don't think it was enough to do much but I just got nervous because the smell is so strong.

ok i know people who drink a little bleach to pass drug test and they puke a little but thats about it

Catt the Points Hunter
call the doc

Dentists use bleach in our mouths every day and some def. gets swallowed. I wouldn't worry!

Yes, you should call your doctor.
Just because you feel fine now, doesn't mean you'll feel fine later.
Bleach can be very harmful, so call your doctor.

Man U
Only call the doctor, if you begin to feel a little dizzy or ill.. If that happens call your doctor and get to a hospital as soon as you can!! hope its fine though

dont call the doctor, call the poison control center. the number should be on the bottle. they will tell you if you need to see a doctor or not. it all depends on the amount and if the bleach was diluted or not. good luck!

What is a 'little bit'? If it really was a tiny amount, you will be fine.

EDIT: Nah, that won't hurt you.

Sean P
Drink lots of milk to neutralise - dont vomit. The risk is the bleach burns your food pipe and/or stomach. If you drank lots of fluid quickly it will neutralise it.

As for the pipe burns, well if you havent got any burning feeling or pain when you swallow anything, then you are likely ok. If you feel any pain or sickness, then go to ER.

Drink Milk and do not vomit

OOH! I just had a 2 year-old patient who swallowed some bleach (according to the 5-year old brother). Poison control said that it would take over 2 full swallows for it to really harm the kid, and to have them drink at least a full glass of milk (NO VOMITING). They also said to watch for excessive drooling, vomiting, and diarhea, and to take the kid to the ER if these do occur. I would imagine these would be the same things to look for in an adult (and it would take more than 2 swallows to be harmful). Hope this helps!

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