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I have mold growing on my face. It's green and furry, and at times bleeds.?
It started out as a small dot. I would use bleach to wash it off.. Now that doesnt work, and it has grown to about half my face, and I can no longer open my left eye. It is completely covered in mold. Besides for going to the doctors any idea what I can do to treat this?

Delana S.
Honey, I think you have no other choice but to go to the doctors!


I think you are making this up. I would have gone to the Doctor before it covered half of my face. I would not even be asking this question on here, I would already be at the Doctor's office.

Maybe its just a allergic reaction to something.

move to the swamp.

ewwwww. no offense but just cover it up and go to a dermatoligist

hi swamp thing
seen any doctors lately

dude... there nothing else you can do its time to see the doctor!

You needed to go to the doctor....Like Yesterday!!!!

Take a knife and make an incision along the worst part of your face.....oh, yeah that would be your LIPS BECAUSE YOU ARE LYING!!

Liar Liar, pants on fire~!

thats f-ing sick. go to another doctor. Gangreen is setting in buddy.

take two tylenol

Aspergillus fumigatus is a green fungus that causes aspergillosis
See in

If you are serious you need a doctor! NOW


Mia n Carlos
thass just nasty

*country girl*
I dont think you have a choice..... go to a dermatologist.

wash it off with soap or facial wash. then gentaly pad it dry with a clean towel. the wash your hand so they would be clean. next put mosturizer on it. do not touch your face. and at night do this again. i am not a doctor,nor have ever heard of this condition. i think i am sure this is not greengang. if it was something must have infected you,something is cutting off ciruclation to your face,and your skin would be rotting.if this is becoming serious go to the GO TO A HOSPITAL if this goes on you may get blind. i hope you find a safe and effective treatment.(notice the use of CLEAN in the first part)

Liar,liar, pants on fire.

First of all, I don't believe this question is real. But, if you're willing to pour bleach on your skin with no luck, why not try Tilex mold & mildew remover. It works great for cleaning bathrooms.

Watch where you have your face!

Can you post your picture just so we can help you better with your little problem?

But seriously, if you have *anything* growing on your face...a mold, wart, etc...go see a dermatologist. Keep a close eye on it in case it gets bigger with a deformed shape, and if it bleeds or has puss oozing out of it, then I highly recommend you go see a specialist ASAP. It could be cancerous, unless you don't mind and just want to cover it up.

well this question sure did promote a ton of answers uh...I'll agree with the doctor to be, and if that doesnt work see a dr. There are worse things that have happened to ppl, dont pay attention to these ppl rude and insensitive comments. Good luck.

SuNnY BlOnDe
Just MOW the Frikken thing.......rotfflmfao@you silly!


You are so lying here. But it might be fun to use a Tilex facial anyway.

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