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I have just burnt my hand on the oven. What should i do now?
I have run it under the cold tap for a while, wha should i do next? It not that big 2cm by 0.3cm

go to the hospital and get it checked before it gets infected, the doctors well gave you some medicine for the burn for it to heal faster.

You could try to put some ice on it. There is an ointment you can buy called Foille that is for burns. Works really well.

s l
first off dont put it under running water. put your hand in cold water still water . in a pot or something clean free of all chemicals.
soak it add some ice if you like soak some more if a blister forms leave it be dont break a blister. dont put anything on it nothing no cream no spray no crap someone suggests.
if the burn is bad open or does form a large blister cover it loosely with sterlie gauze nothing else. then if you feel you need to see the doctor at the office. you can take asprin or tylenol if you have had them before. dont mix the two one or the other asprin or tylenol.
soak your hand as long as you want but dont be stupid and freeze your hand.
if you get tired of sitting at some pot with water in it then get a clean tea towel wrap it once around a clean bag of ice or peas or whatever as long as its clean and put that on the burn . again not directly have the cloth between you and the ice.
oh turn off the oven and order in some food.

Paw Paw ointment always helps.That stuff will cure just about anything!

Never apply butter, oils, or burn ointments. They make it more difficult for the burn to heal and can actually make the burn worse because the heat can’t escape
hold the burned area under cool running water for around 10 minutes to stop the burning process. You can also use a clean towel or wash cloth moistened with cold water. However, don’t use ice or ice water because they will further damage the tissue. Do not break open the blisters, or there will be a greater risk of infection.you can place a dry, sterile gauze pad over the burn, but do not use any bandages with adhesive

neosporin and let it hang out in the open air. If you keep it covered it will take a lot longer to heal and it will stay moist. It needs air to help it dry out and produce new skin.

If it is small I would just keep it moist with triple antibiotic ointment. Clean it in the sink a few times a day with an anti-bacterial soap and wait it out. If it heals within a few weeks, you will need no other treatment in most cases.

Do what tangshang said, she has the right idea. I only want to add that using cool water right away could not only cause more damage to the tissue but may cause shock.

Rub it with an aloe vera plant or lotion with aloe vera in it. keep it dry. good luck

Shannon V
i know this sounds crazy but if you have an aloe plant break a piece of it of and put the juice on the affected area it will help take the sting out as well as cut down on the scarring

You should NEVER put ice on a burn since it can actually make the burn deeper. Cool water or even a cool wet cloth is best. If it is more like a sunburn then whatever you would treat a sunburn with will work. If it is blistered and peeling you need something more and any burn ointment will do. If the skin is raw cover it until it begins to heal. If it is deeper than that which it does not seem to be it needs to be seen by a physician. Again, never put ice or butter on a burn they both can trap the burn and make it worse.

depends on how bad the burn is. If it is just red, like sunburn, you did the right thing. If it is more red and starts to blister, you should cover it, no cream or ointment, don't pop it either. The cream will irritate it more, popping it will possibly start an infection.

If the skin is charred, cover it with clean fabric and see a dr. promptly. don't wrap it tightly so it won't stick to the skin.

Cover it with aloe gel or neosporin.

Union Jack
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put butter on it. it really helps!

Fire Lt.
NO BUTTER most of what people have posted is true cool running water (standing water in a glass) will keep the infected water in contact with the burn so run cool water from a facuet then let it air dry once its dry loosly wrap some gauze over it with a burn onitment on the affected area hope this helps

No big thing, just put some ointment on it and let it heal in the air. People tend to wrap it up and that just slows down the healing process. Ointment and air heal:)

Use burn ointment if you have it. If not and you have something like neosporin, use that. If is still stings, cover with a soft bandage ( such as a clean, old tee shirt cut into a strip and tied loosely over the burn.) Sometimes air makes burns sting.

MAke an ice pack. KEEp ice on it till it stops hurting.

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