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I have a tiny peice of glass stuck in my finger. How do I get it out?
It's so small that I can't even see it. I've tried a pin and squeezing it, but it won't come out it just hurts. I cut myself while cleaning up a broken glass, so I know it's there.
Additional Details
My tweezers are too big and clumsy. I can't even see the glass, never mind be able to grab it.

Let a puss build up and it will pop out.

go to the doctor

Hippie of the millenium

Tom Da Bomb
just put a bandaid over it and let your body take care if it still hurts then put 2 over it

Magnifying glass to locate it then use the best method to remove it depending on the size and where it is - small tweezers, pin, suction or squeezing can be good. The right medical clinic might be useful in finding and removing it - they have the magnifiers etc.

Benji Duncan
Use those little pliers for slivers. Or try soaking your finger in Epsom salt and perhaps it will come loose.

Soak it in salt water. This will cause the finger to swell and it might force it out. Otherwise, feel free to try all the interesting remedies everyone suggested. Who knows? If it starts to look infected and you still feel the glass in there, go see a doctor.

Tweezer, magnifying glass, and some sort of lubricant. However, if it is that small, and it is not protruding out from the skin, it may need to be cut slightly to allow extraction. I suggest getting a doctor to do that, you should NOT try that at home unless your medically trained, which I suspect you are not. If it is small enough and isn't casuing any discomfort, leave it there, clean it good and band-aid it. It will eventually be broken down by your body's processes, and disappear.

Dave F
use a drawing salve on a band-aid------yrs. ago we used a small piece of bacon fat secured with wraped tape to draw out the splinter or glass...

baby tweezers

If you are going to use a needle or tweezers please remember to sanitize them. You can use a lighter and burn the end of a needle and dip tweezers in alcohol. Hope you get it out!

if you know its there then try to get it out with a pair of tweezers

This may seem weird, but when we were kids and we got a tiny splinter in our fingers, and mom or dad could not get it out with the tweezers, they would take a small piece of bacon and place it over the splinter, then wrap it with a bandage. The next day, the splinter was out of the finger and stuck in the bacon. I swear I am not kidding about this, as strange as it may sound!

Use a tweezer.

try elmers glue or a piece of tape


I have 2 suggestions

#1 put a piece of adhesive tape on the area where you think it is then go to bed in the morning the glass sliver should be stuck to the tape.

#2 Soak your finger in Hot water for 10-15 mins, until your finger gets all wrinkly then squeeze the area gently. When the skin around the sliver is swollen it should help to push the sliver out.

Good luck!

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