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Jimmy M
I have a tick bite that hasn't stopped dripping puss for a week and I have no health insurance What do I do?

EMERGENCY Room. An infected tick could kill you if you get lyme disease and aren't treated. Go to the damn hospital. What are you waiting for?

sounds like you have lime disease go to the emergency room asap

you really need to see a doctor because tick bites can give you lyme disease...get it treated before it becomes more serious and cost you more money

go to the emergency room, you can't be refused service for lack of insurance

go to the emergency room sounds infected. insurance or not it wont matter if the infection goes to your brain and you end up dead. so u better get it checked out soon!

Since you dont have insurance and an emergency room visit could cost over $1000 I would first go to a Walk in Clinic.
I live in Georgia and all the Walgreens here have something called Minute Clinics. Also some of the Publix grocery stores have Little Neighborhood Clinics. They are very reasonably priced and treated my Husband for Strep Throat when he didnt have insurance for only $80. They can write prescriptions too. Do a google search for a walk in clinic in your area.

Go to your local health dept, they charge on a sliding scale, and you may even qualify for free service there. The bite is bad and you need medical attention. If a rash develops it could be a sign of anything from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to Lyme's Disease. If it continues to ooze puss you could develop an internal infection including MRSA, which can be deadly. MRSA sores don't heal, so it may already be developing. It can be treated if caught early. So it really doesn't matter if you have health insurance, this is not something to play with. Go to you local health dept and they will help you. Good Luck, I hope it does not develop into something serious.

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