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I have a large splinter in my heel. How do I get it out?
I've tried tweezers, and needlenose pliers. nothing will grip onto it. I've also cut away the skin around it, but I still can't get it out? Anybody know any tricks? It hurts like heck!

yeah don't wear heels, us guys hate it when you complain about how they hurt.

Ask your mom to burn the tip of a needle on the stove and take the splinter out for you.

old school homemade technique - get a peice of bacon fat and use tape or a bandaid to stick it over the splinter, over night the salt should draw out the splinter -

OKay get a safety pin REALLY HOT, then cut at it, what a coincidink I have one in my foot too!!

Get a lighter and a safety pin. Run some heat over the pointy part of the pin then wipe pin with alcohol. Insert pin under your skin not far enough to make your self bleed but right under the skin. Dig around the splinter until you reach the area. Next, remove the splinter. Whoola

Just Q
The glue idea sound great and one I have never thought of nor have ever seen used but in all reality it sounds like a workable solution.
Sometimes a magnifying glass,needle and tweezers are called for as suggested by some of the other people answering the question.
Sometimes just leaving the splinter alone it will fester up itself and break through the skin but you gotta be able to gut up and take the pain til it does.
Baking Soda paste or salt paste when it dries helps to draw things out but it is messy and takes time.
Try the glue thing or maybe even 2-3 coats of fingernail polish if you don't have glue. Let it dry between and after each coat and use the same method as prescribed with the glue.

Good Luck

Quick and easy. Elmer's glue, or whatever you have lying around. Put it on, let it dry. Peel it off, out comes the splinter. No pain!

my mom always used to use a needle to dig [ i know it sounds painful but it only lasts a second] the splinter out.

she would just cut open the skin around the splinter and clean the needle with alcohol and quickly take it out.

make sure you have lots of light when you do it though

just me
3 words, pull it out. and if its not sticking out then do what I do ( i kno sounds gross) Take a clean knife a just cut it out if its not too deep and if it is really deep if it doesnt hurt to bad they find theyre way out after awhile

Novel Hack
Soak your foot. WHen the skin swells, the splinter should pop out. DON"T put animal meat on your open wound, ever. Bacon fat!?! You might as well rub dog poop on there! Jeeze!

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