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Perfect Lady
I got stung 4 times by a yellow jacket, am I going to die?
im usually allergic to bee stings, so im worried if it will have the same effect. There were 2 yellow jackets, and they crawled up my pants and attacked my leg. :(( What should I do? (dont say doctor, cause i wont go unless i feel like im seriously going to die.)

I really hope so...

Sandra K
yeah if you were gonna die you would be dying not typing you must not be that allergic

If you haven't yet, you won't. With allergic reactions, they usually happen rapidly and you will break out in hives and your throat will swell and you will have difficulty breathing. If none of these are happening, then you are fine. Take some benadryl if you are at home and have minor symptoms.

if you get any signs of an allergic reaction call 911 since you got stung 4 times they come faster and quicker

Keri B
What makes an allergy an allergy is that they appear and disappear. Even though in the past you have been allergic to bee stings, you might not be now. But next time you might be!! So, unless you are having an allergic reaction; throat closing, hives, etc. I wouldn't be concerned. Treat the itch with benedryl.

i do home health put tobacco on it and take benadrylthe tobbacco will pull out the stinger and the benadryl with block the stuff u are allergic to

If you are able to write this answer than I don't think you are going to die. You don't necessarily have to see a doctor for this. If you have hives and itching then take a benadryl every 6 hours till you start feeling better. If its just pain then take some motrin 3 tabs every six hours (600mg). If you feel your throat swelling and find it hard to breath then call 911. But my guess is that enough time has elapsed that you can rest assured that you will be fine. Good luck, hope you feel better.

Do not worry, I am sending the flowers now.

The biggest concern with insect bites is a reaction bad enough to disrupt your ability to breath. A lesser, yet still important concern is an infection secondary to a bite.

I suspect your breathing isn't an issue since you are able to type this question. If it is then have somebody call an ambulance for you.

If the bite gets abnormally swollen (you should expect a minor amount of swelling with a bite) and feels hot or has a puss-like discharge then go to the ER to have it checked out as you may need antibiotics.

Otherwise, you should do find treating your symptoms with over the counter medications such as benadryl and tylenol.

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