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The Blue Eyed Python
I got a splinter lodged in my finger how do i get it out, it's a big one?
i got a splinter about one centimetre lodged inside my finger, i need to get it out but i can't get at it, shoudl i try using a pin to get at it? also what should i do to stop it hurting so that i can get it out with a pin? :S

Please read this, I can help you out

1. get a pair of GOOD tweezers, not the ones that come in first-aid kits, go to the store if necessary
2. wash the tweezers in water
3. get alcohol prep pads and wipe down your finger AND tweezers,
4. pull 'er out.
5. if it doesnt work try using a pin to "push" it out more
6. if that doesnt work go to the doctor/urgent care
7. make sure you have a tetnus
8. if you have anyother symptoms: breathing difficulty, chest pain, red bumps, etc around the area go to your Emergency Department aSAP.

Hope this works. take care......and be more careful =]

Unfortunately a pin is prob the best way, I have heard of people putting a small damp plaster onto the splinter and leaving it on for some time, possibly a couple days. Top up if it dries. In that way the skin becomes all soft and wrinkly, like when you've been in the bath, and it may even be possible just to squeeze it out.
I've never had the patience though - pin it is.

kiefers girl
Go into your local pharmacy and ask for a pot of magnesium sulphate paste. It's only about a pound. Put a good bit onto your finger and put a plaster or dressing on it for a few hours. You might have to do this more than once but I guarantee your splinter will come out. Trust me I'm a Pharmacy Technician!!

Tony F
i use a Stanley knife or chisel to get the point underneath and pinch down with a thumb nail but im in the building trades! my mum uses a pin and tweezers but i dont own them! you could try soaking it in salt water to help draw it out but youll still need tweezers to pull it out

I use a pin but dip it in boiling water to sterilise it first

one word: tweezers.

I'd reccomend soaking it in hot water with epsom salt for 15-20 mins. Then sterilize a pair of tweezers and a needle with some rubbing alcohol or betadine if you have it. Dry the area thoroughly with a clean paper towel, and try to ease it out by grabbing the tip with the tweezers. That probably won't work...so take the needle and try to push it just below the splinter....underneath it. Keep this up till one end pops out above the skin, then pull it out. Clean your finger thoroughly with lots of soap and warm water, and put a triple antiobiotic on it (like neosporin). Cover it with a bandaid overnight.

i was told to put sugar on your finger then put a plaster over it and the combination draws the splinter out and it worked when i got a splinter

but some mag sulphate paste on it and a plaster it will be out the next day good luck buy it from chemist about 1.59 good luck hope better soon take care

put on a plaster for a few hours to draw it out,then get a friend to use a needle and get it out for you,ouch i feel you pain good luck

If it is sticking out of your finger then gently clean around the affected area with soap and warm water and try to pull it out with sterile tweezers. Grasp the splinter with the tweezers as close to the skin as possible and draw it out at the angle that it went into your finger. Then carefully squeeze the wound to draw a little blood as this will help to flush out any remaining dirt. Clean the area again, pat it dry and apply a plaster to minimise the risk of infection. If it is embedded in the skin or difficult to dislodge then don't probe the area with anything sharp like a pin or needle as it would introduce infection. Instead pad around the splinter until you can bandage over it without pressing down and seek medical advice.

Shorter than Frankie Iero XD
use tweezers

Try to use a pair of forceps or tweezers. If possible, get someone to help. Squeeze your finger to block the pain sensors by activating the pressure sensors, then get someone else to pull the splinter out for you.

Epsom salt will pull it to the surface. Get a pair pf pointed tweezers and pull it out.

i had one that went right thru my finger. had to go to hosiptal for it as it was that big..

errm use an ice cube... numb the finger..

then u need to widen the skin around it a bit, so u can get a decent grip on it.

used a sterlised needle and a pair of tweezers..

Ridin the storm out
OUCH! Sorry to hear about this injury. I've had this happen to me before. Try using a hot washcloth in order to get the splinter ready for removal. You may even want to alternate the site with a cool compress- which ever works best for you. Sterilize ur tweezers or a needle with rubbing alcohol. If this doesn't remove it, you may want to take a trip to the Dr. as this foreign object is going to bother you, and in addition, could cause an infection. Good Luck and Take Care!!! Here is a site below that may help you out.

sterlise a needle and just pick at the skin around it and eventually when you get to it yank it out.

pinch both sides of your finger then with a needle try to get it out.Afterward pour some witch hazel over it then put a band aid around it.

Joseph M

First, I would recommend soaking your finger in warm water so that your skin becomes less taunt over the area where the splinter is located. Second, sterilize the end of a pair of tweezers or a pin with rubbing alcohol...I think that tweezers would work better than a pin...less painfull too.

try a pin or try squeezing if i dont come out go to your local a+e department or nhs walk in centre

first clean around the area of the splinter with a gauze pad dipped in warm soapy water then sterilise a pair of tweezers by holding them into a flame for a few seconds and letting them cool gently use the tweezers to pull the splinter out at the same angle it went in squeeze the skin at the sides of the area where it was so it will bleed a bit this will help get rid of any dirt clean the area with another gauze pad dipped in cooled boiled water and pat dry with a clean gauze pad
dont try take it out with a needle it will just get infected

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