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I feel like someone is sitting on my chest, what is this pain?

Chest pressure could be a heart related problem or a lung problem. Its not a good sign for either so you should get yourself to a doctor right away.

Probably something with your heart.

Golden Girl
Or serious anxiety

That's how I felt when I had pneumonia. You'd better see a doctor.

could be several things, Heart, Lung, indigestion... Sounds like it could be asthma. You should see a medical professional immediatally.

You should have a chest x-ray and have auscutation performed. You could have something as innocent as a cramp or you could have pneumonia, pleuresy or heart problems. There is no way to diagnose this problem via the internet.

could be heart burn or intergestion, maybe a chest infection

it could be that your under alot of stress try relaxing a little whenever you feel this way just take a time out and get yorself together you are more than likely having what is called an anxiety attack life is very ovewhelming sometimes!

Sounds like Asthma to me.

could be a heart attack if you are getting any pain go to ER

it means you might be experiencing a heart attack, or indigestion, but why take the chance...call 911 and get to an er.

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