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Melissa Cole
I cut my stomach...?
and it looks like fat is coming out. It doesnt hurt but it puffed out out the cut. Should I go to the er? I know stupid quesstion, but can it wait until the morning if it isnt bleeding a lot? I cant afford the er and my dad will kill me for cutting myself.
Additional Details
it's probably about 1/4 of an inch, not deep

william d
emo much?

just wrap it up ina bandage and hide it from your dad for a while. DO NOT go to the er OR continue cutting yourself. Just start going ona food limit and lose weight that way. and get the scar remover or coverer thing to make the cut go away

how deep is it?!?

Hunny, why did you cut yourself? Was it intentional? You needta make sure you clean it really good and put some neosporan on it so it doesnt get infected then bandage it up reallly good. If it keeps bleeding go to the ER.

tell your dad.it will get bad.

Does it hurt? If you cut it deep enough for fat to come out, it would be bleeding like crazy. If it is really sore, you may want to make a doctor's appointment. How long ago did you cut it? What did you cut it with? It could be infection.

Dfgd G
your dad wont care that you cut your self for a while first its your health then its beating you *** for making him pay the for er treatment

Stopping the bleeding is the most important thing. If it doesn't stop bleeding then you need to go to the ER. Even if it doesn't look like a lot of blood, over time you can bleed a lot and not even realize it. In order to help stop the bleeding, first you will need to clean it well with soap and water to keep out infection. Then you are going to want to pull the flaps of skin as tightly together as you can and put a bandage or tape on them to help hold it together. (A type of butterfly bandage works good) Apply pressure on the bandage to see if you can get the bleeding to stop. If it has been more than 30-45 minutes with a slow bleed, you should go to the ER to have stitches.

just call 911 and ask what to do. They'll contact a doctor and give you professional answers.

If you can see fatty tissue you need to be seen tonight. you usually don't see fatty tissue unless it is deep and that is a very bad area that can easily get infected. Please seek care.

You cut yourself intentionally? I know that this is not about right and wrong, but you obviosuly shouldn't do that. If I were you I would go to the Hospital, just to be safe. You could develop an infection from the open wound. It would be in your best interest to go to the ER. Good luck,,,

I'd do something, as you don't want it getting infected! Sounds like a pretty deep cut if fat is truly coming out. It may however, be something else, and could easily get infected. I would go to the ER, myself.

I hope you have told your dad and he has dragged you off to the ER. Also hope you get some couselling while you are there...this is no way to get attention. When you are an adult all these scars will be embarrassing.

Go to the er- I'm sure your dad will kill you more for not taking care of it. And besides the bill will be a lot bigger if you get an infection.

advice guru and mom
okay I am a nurse and after 10 minutes of bbleeding you need to go to ER NOW!!!!!!!! I will tell you if it is deep enough that it appears to have fat tissue coming out you should most definitely go to ER NOW and have it stitched up you only have a few hours to have it stitched so own up to what you did and get help now. Because while you are sleeping you could move and it could open and you could bleed more and you will not realize it, plus there is the fact that a stomach cut is an area that if infected can spread to organs quickly. GO have it checked and go soon !!!! like NOW!!! if you don't go and leave it open you are leaving yourself at risk for serious o consequences like staph infection which can actually kill you.

Matt S
Well if you have a cutting problem normally parents wouldn't "kill you" when they found out. They'd try to help. I say you tell your dad and go to the ER before you regret it and your dad finds out because it got infected.

there are lots of nasty things in an abdomen, if you cut into any of your digestive system you could get a really really bad infection

Go to the ER.

I think you should go to the ER I know your father will be upset with you cutting yourself but I think he'd be more upset with you if you don't take care of yourself properly.

♥ homeschoolmommaof2forjesus ♥
There is no question. If you see fatty tissue, you've cut through the layers of skin and you can pretty much count on infection. I would do the responsible thing and tell your dad. You need medical attention right away.

You should really get yourself to an emergency room. Wounds generally can't be sewn up after six hours, and yours sounds like it needs attention. Are you sure your dad will be angry? Maybe he will just be concerned and want to help you. I don't know.....you know him better than I do. But you should get yourself some medical attention. Best wishes.

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