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I am thinking of smoking crystal meth to lose weight. Anyone know how long it will take to lose 40 pounds?

Meth will rot your teeth right out and make you look 30 years older in no time.

You will die before you lose weight or you will become an addict before you realize that you weigh 5 lbs. Stick to diets not drugs.

That is the most stupid idea ive heard on here thus far!!! Go ahead, screw you life up! good luck!

That is the worst way! You will get addicted and lose all your money not to mention your looks. It will make your skin look disgusting. Just do it the right way and exercise.

Your crazy, you would turn to such a nasty drug in order to loose weight. Why dont you try the old fashion diet and excersice. Although it is a little more tough then packing a bowl and lighting it, it is a lot more healthy with NO RISKS involved: plus it is NOT illegal!

That is about the most stupidest question that I have ever heard...you might lose the wieght, but you will have more problems than you can handle if you do the drugs....

Don't do it dawg, it just not worth it!!!!

Longer than it will take for you to kill yourself.

I hope you're not serious. Crystal Meth will do a helluva lot more than make you lose weight. Everyone I know that has done it (2 people) have wound up dead within the year. Try exercising.

Sheesh do you understand that if you do Meth 1 time you will be addicted in a way you cannot imagine.

I have seen the damage it does and it is not worth it.

Do you wish to be forever stuck with this kind of addiction and lose everything and everyone in your life until finally your addiction kills you?

faster then it will take to stop dumb ***, what the hell are you thinkig,would you use a shot gun to comb your hair look in the mirror and tell that dumb S.O.B to move out of your head and give some one else a turn Geesssss.

Great thinking, let us know how it turns out, okay?

Tom M
Think again, buddy.

Let's see, once you are DEAD, the weight will come off real fast.

Take it from me, I am a licensed EMT. I have seen the effects on a person as well as their family. You WILL be addicted the very first time you try it. You WILL lose yourself in this drug until it kills you. The addiction comes from the very first high you get. people then spent the rest of their lives chasing that first addiction, only never to achieve it again. You could be fortunate enough to quit, and 20 years down the road try it again, and you still will NOT get that first high back. This is a dangerous drug! Your appearance will be so horrid it won't matter what you weight. Not only will your teeth rot, you will have open sores on your face, Your face will look like death, because you WILL stop sleeping. You will be awake 14 days at a time. DO NOT try this drug! I could go on and on with the ways it will ruin and eventually end your life.

As someone who has been addicted to meth for longer than I can remember, I beg you not to use it as a weight loss method! The **** is very very hard to get off of...if you ever really can get off it

As for the weight issue, depending on how much you're doing, you could lose forty pounds in a few months. The problem is the minute you stop using, you gain all that weight back, and then some, which makes you want to start doing it again. The more you do that, the more it screws with your metabolism, making it slower and slower, which, of course, makes weight loss that much more difficult.

Also, the weight you're losing is not going to be fat, it will be muscle--that's what the body does when it's starving. Not to mention all the other **** that your body will go through. A person can only live a certain number of days without eating enough, after which, the body starts to shut down. Basically, you're slowly dieing.

And the weight won't be the only thing lost. Your hair falls out, your skin goes to hell, your nails are real brittle and break constantly, and, if you're not drinking enough, you'll have constant urinary tract infections(the pain is like no other-trust me!). And of course, there's your money, your friends, your job, your life...pretty much everything, and it'll all be gone before you know it. You'll just take a look around one day and wonder how the **** you ended up in the gutter.

I would give anything to go back to that very first time and make the decision not to do it. Because that honestly feels like it's the only way I'll ever be able to quit. So please, don't do it!

To seriously answer your question; if you were to use crystal meth every day for a week you would lose about 10 pounds. After four weeks, of course fourty pounds, but part of that weight will be from dehydration and some of it muscle tissue. When you have reached your goal, should you be able to stop, you suffer from depression. You will want to sleep for days and you will crave the drug like nothing you have ever craved before. You will be unable to cope with daily life and it will take months maybe even a year to recover mentally and emotionally from your month long bender. Ive been clean from my nightmare i call crystal meth for about six months. So i say to you, try jogging, try sit-ups, weight lifting, aerobics, but please take it from me, dont try meth.

Don't do it you clearly need all the brain cells u have now..losing any would make u a complete idiot rather then just a little idiot for thinking of something so dumb

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