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I am sunburned. Do I take a cold shower or a hot shower?

Secret Mango
its not about wheather it makes you hotter
so it doesnt really matter
which ever is more comfortable
and then use alot of moisturizer

Arthur A
cold showers will draw the heat from your body

Brew some tea like Lipton tea bags and then use a cotton ball and dab it on your skin. It will take away the redness. This works for me all the time.

cold it feels niiiiice

Twist S
best thing is to take a lukewarm bath...gentle...with tea. Yes...some good old black tea...like lipton or whatever. boil some water, steep the tea bags in there and then let it cool for a bit after its made. add it into your bathwater after it has COOLED by pouring it onto the sunburn areas, lightly and gently, it shouldn't burn too much more then touching it but it helps with the healing BIG time. I used to suffer from burns all the time.

Sarah C
OH my gosh a hot shower would KILL!! Go for cold!! Try putting milk on the burn afterward to zap out some of the heat

COLD, hot makes it sting really bad! and it cools the burn down

go for a cold bath (as u can stay in for longer than a shower.) stay in for long as u want, make it nice and cold! Get some protein into you to help with recovery.

i would say cold because when i was sunburned the hot hurt bad and the cold hurt just cause of the pressure but it was better so cold! oh and after but aloe or lotion on after


take a cool shower. to hot would hurt a lot, to cold will give you a bad chill. remember that sunburn is a burn, just like a cooking burn, and you have about 30 minutes to lessen skin damage. you may want to get in and out of the shower a couple times.

WBFC 2008
Skin will continue to burn until cold water or ice is applied, so always cool down the burn first. Ice is good for most burns, but severe sunburns can only tolerate cold water.

Lavender Essential Oil is a miraculous, natural cure for sunburn. You want to be careful getting the oil onto the burn because simply touching the burn will hurt. It is best to drip it on, then spread it (using very gentle pressure) with a piece of tissue. After about a half hour or less, the pain should be gone. The pain should not return unless you jump in the shower soon after application of the oil. You may need to reapply the oil in the morning. That's it. No more pain, no blistering, AND you get to keep the color. Even those of us who are pale as ghosts won't peel.

Seaaannnn [gives good advice]
COLD. Hot would kill you! I have heard that white vinigar takes the burn out. I know that noxzema *sp* does the trick too.

Chels =]
COLD COLD COLD. it'll feel better =]] I wouldn't do it all the way cold cause that will just be really cold. I would do about medium or so. Don't do it hot cause that will just hurt! Lol.

♥Skyway Avenue♥

Def go for the cold shower and get some aloe vera...it works really well

take a luke warm shower
or lotion with aloe
wear loose clothing,Expecially to bed.

R U insane?? seriously? lol.

Go for a nice cool shower - put some aloe vera on or if you don't have any try some moisturizer - to help relieve the pain I keep mine in the fridge - nice and soothing.......

Try luke warm to cool. If you take a hot shower you will most likely be in tears from severe pain.

As backwards as this sounds, I always take a hot shower, at least for my initial shower immediately following the burn. Yes, it hurts, but for me, the hot shower helps to take the sting from the burn away. Then I spray on Solarcaine and let it air dry for a few minutes before getting dressed. The Solarcaine contains Lidocaine, which is a numbing agent used in Dental offices. Its chilling when sprayed on, but the relief is instant and lasts quite a while.

Once the initial sting from the burn is gone, cold or luke warm showers are the best. Don't forget though, natural aloe, straight from the plant itself, works great with keeping your skin hydrated and stops the peeling. If you don't have an aloe plant, the gel stuff works good too.

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