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I always get so tired at work around 2pm. How can I stay more alert?
I get so sluggish and exhausted. I feel like I can't even type...Sometimes, I even put my head down. Can someone help one this?
Additional Details
- I sleep 7-8 hours a night.
- I am a Receptionist (data entry).

At lunchtime, instead of sitting down for the whole hour, try to take a brisk walk or get to the gym for a twenty- minute workout...I find that it really helps me out to move my body at noon.

get you some caffine and sweets

first of all don't take lot of coffee or tea ,
try to sleep well at night .
take a tough breakfast , like glass of milk , eggs, oat meal (porridge or cornflakes)
and have a average lunch ... and if u still get tired , try to relax ur muscles be small exercise or yoga earl in the morning .

It might have to do with what you eat, drink, and do on breaks that is making you crash. If you have sugars in the morning or at lunch, those can tend to cause people to get energy, but then crash later on. I've noticed caffeine does the same to me. The more you drink, the harder the crashes.
Make sure that you are eating breakfast and lunch. Don't eat heavy foods or a lot of potein.
Bring healthy snack, such as veggies and fruits to maintain your energy.
At break time, definitely get up, walk around and get fresh air.
Drink a lot of water
Hope this helps

Stop whining and thinking you've got it so rough. It's all mental and apparently you do not have a good work ethic. Work hard always and never let up. Perhaps you aren't working hard enough.


When you feel tired, go to your private room spend 2 or 3 minutes massage your head, neck for good blood circulation and drink a big glass of water you will feel refresh again.

Perhaps this is because you have a large lunch, and all of your energy is going into metabolise it.
Make breakfast your main and you will give your body lots of energy for the day (plus have a better chance of working it off over the course of the day), and have a light lunch.

Unscrew a lightbulb of a lamp and lick your finger, well never mind, see a doctor.

King of Hearts
Coffee and Tea

Hit on the crack pipe.... just kidding!

try running during you lunch break... it works!

You can try something with caffiene or and energy drink or you can try to get more sleep. If you can, take a nap...those help

get up and move around drink water and eat some fruit during the day. it works for me........

redbull.., kitkat.. have a stick..

Drink some ice water. Walk around the office a bit. Go to the bathroom and close your eyes for a few minutes.

If you've lunched on a carbs especially a load of refined white bread or spuds, rice, etc, your blood sugar rose quickly and has now crashed. Try a week with only protein and veggies for lunch, and smaller meals throughout the day, such as snack on a few nuts, dates and raisins, salads, fruits, cheese etc.
Also are you getting your Serontonin levels up? You need a bit of sunshine for this and good full spetrum light in your eyes.
Change a few of you habits to healthy habits and you will wonder at the joy of life.

Rosie Young
You are probably on a sugar crash from your lunch. After you eat, take a walk (even just back and forth through the parking lot). And look at what you're eating. Lots of carbs? Carbs aren't bad, but they can make you crash. The only solution is to eat more carbs. It's a vicious cycle.

Back in the day, I worked at a machine shop with a bunch of hockey fanatics. We played street hockey at lunch time. The heavy-duty cardio action kept us wide awake for the rest of the day. The sweaty underwear wasn't very comfortable though!

try to go to bed at a decent hr at night depending on what time you have to get up at in the morning,also try to eat a nutrious breakfast and lunch to keep you going,also take multivitamins.if all else fails,there is good old coffee.if you are constantly tired though for no reason,i would get a checkup at the doctors cause something could be wrong with your thyroid gland or you may have a n illness

♥ Mz Diettequila ♥
Sugarfree Redbull

Go for a walk and splash some cold water on your face. Stretching also helps.

A few questions you should ask:
Do you sleep well? 8 full hours?
Do you eat right?

If you really need to rest, just close your eyes and take a few minutes break. It helps too.

Oh--can I relate--first I have to disagree with the coffee and tea answer. Hurts more than it helps for most.

Your work environment has a lot to do with it----do you have natural light--as in a window?

If possible, take a short break right before the "sluggish hour" and go for a walk, preferably outside. Fresh air and motion stimulates blood flow, increases heart rate, heightens alertness.

I am a woman nearing middle age, that is if I live to be 100, and I have found some things that work for me.

Keep hydrated--I know this is almost trendy in the US these days, but it is so important. Doesn't have to be expensive bottled water. I freeze bottles of water and take a couple to work each day in a small cooler bag with my lunch. The ice melts through the day, I have cold, refreshing water all day, and it keeps my lunch in the bag cold. I add fressh lemon for a little extra flavor.

Eat small amounts frequently thru the day-- a good mix of protein, vegetables or fruit, and some carbs. Depending on your work situation, this may or may not be possible, but your employer may give you the okay for several short breaks over one long lunch hour if it adds to your productivity.

Do I have to say get the right amount of sleep? Too much is just as bad as not enough and can really add to that 2:00 pm drop off syndrome, experience speaking. Adjust your hours of sleep and find the right balance.

Finally (almost)--are you bored with or resenting your job?? Time for a change, that will wake things up!

Finally-(really)--check with your doctor. There are a number of physical problems that manifest themselves as fatigue.

Good luck!


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