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I always fart. In a day, on the average, I fart 20+ times. Is this normal?

i don't kow but thats pretty gross try changing your diet

Gas is produced by your diet BUT it can also be produced my certain bacteria that fest in your intestines. These bacteria give off gas as a result of respiration. The gas is very powerful hence the smell.

I would see your doctor for any procedures that may be done to clean the problem out.

as a fun fact.
In cow,s their farts are a leading cause of pollution because ir there farts because the bacteria thrive off of the great amount of grasses and other natural substances.

4-6 times is normal

yep. but if you feel you let out too much gas a day try eating less meat and fried foods and more fruits and veggies.

Money Mike
I'd say that's pretty high above average.

I probably fart 4 times a day.

You need to look at your diet. See what foods are making you that gassy. If it's bothering you, try some over the counter anti-gas meds, if it doens't help, see doc about changing your diet.

nursing student
The average person produces 1 L of gas per day. You are probably normal.

What you eat has a lot to do with your gassy behind. I always say better out than in!

16 times a day is average. So I guess you could consider yourself above average. Congratulations! I'm also a proud member of that club.
Now, here are a few tips to make farts more fun:
1. start categorizing them:
silent but deadly,
loud, but disappointingly odourless
soft, with a little gift
pinched, high noise.

2. Use farts as a musical instrument. Practice your scales. How do you change notes? It's all in the tension of the glutes. Squeeze harder, and the note comes out higher. Give this a try.

3. Enter fart quality contests. There are 3 elements to a good fart:
depth (here, you want a low pitch, so relax the glutes, and let 'em rip), duration (farts naturally don't last long, so if you can get one to last 3/4 of a second or more, consider yourself an excellent farter), and loudness (self-explanatory: the louder, the better).

Take this up as a hobby, practice it daily, and enter the fart olympics.

Am I one sick puppy? Yep. And I don't deny it.

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