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I accidentally burned melted plastic on my finger...What do I do? Should I try to peel the plastic off?

wear my heart on my butt
OUCH, run you finger under cold water (your figner is probably stil cooking) if you can stand it put it on ice and if it doesn't hurt slowly peel it off. Otherwise wait a while and the oils you body naturally make will help in peeling it off later.

IMO put ice on it

Kim H
If you haven't already peel the plastic off and soak in a bath of ice water. Depending on the severity of the burn, treatment varies. Look up a burn site with pics and compare images to figure out treatment.

I have done this several times. I usually first jump up and down and head for the cold water tap. Since the plastic doesn't cover much area I have always peeled it off.

Gummys Girl
Either get it in ice water or run under cold water... get the plastic off it will hold heat in and continue to burn unless youve got it in the ice water... IF it is blistered do not put ointment on it most ointments contain some form of greasy substance and this hold heat in too ... you can take some advil for pain if it hurts ...but keeping ice on it will help ...

If the skin is broken wash it with soap and water.

have you tried running it under cold water to see if it will come off? if not trying having someone helping you. good luck.

no run it on cold water then careful peel it,then ice ur finger. If u can't do it call 911

rubinee r
no do not try to peel the plastic off. it may ripe your skin off too.you can put some lotion onto the area but do not peel off. if the plastic cool off then it will come off easily. but i think you should better go to clinic so that they can give some lotion for the burn.

first of all i don't know how you typed this question but you should run it under cold water to harden the plastin the slowly peel the plastic off of your finger while running it under the water. A cup of ice water is another option.

put it under cold water. then peel it off then put burn cream on it. hope that helps

Hello didn't it keep hurting while the molten platic was still on your finger? Run it under water and yes take it off if it willl come off now.

yes pull it off

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