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I Got Puss Coming Out Of My Stitches?
I had my hand sewn shut after I spit it open on a tractor. It is now swollen and red and pusy. What do I do? Tear out the stitches?

no, that will just make it worst. i'd say squeeze out some of the infection and use paraxide. and/or ask your doctore. thay could give you antibiotics to fight the infection.

All of these answers are silly. Your probably just got some dirt in them. I would use some paroxide and antibiotic ointment. Call your Doc tommorrow and ask him if they are ready to come out. He might want to look at them.

The stitches will definately need to come out, but you should go to the emergency room. the wound might need washed out in the operating room. The function of your hand is far too important to linger. Go NOW. i mean it...RIGHT NOW. tomorrow might be too long.

I ♥ my doberman
Not attractive. Call your doctor. DUH

Meh, it happens. It's just infected. Tear the stitches out, let it drain, disinfect your hand, and wait for a cool scar to form.

I'm hoping you had it stitched at the hospital right? I'm also hoping you had a tetanus shot. It certainly sounds like it is infected, especially if you have drainage coming from the wound. It needs to be evaluated by a physician. Good luck, sounds like it hurts too! Please don't try to treat this yourself. If could be serious.

Go to the hospital, it's infected.

Jen Hates Evil Empire Starbucks
Its infected. You should take penicillin. Or better yet, go to your doctor first.

See a doctor as soon as possible. Or go to the emergency room. Do NOT deal with this yourself!

No, you do not want to tear out the stithes. Go back to the Dr., or ER, and they will give you some sort of antibiotic to use...either pill form or a cream.

go to the emergency ward. you don't want necrosis to happen! blehch!

Go to a doctor. You don't wanna lose a hand do ya?

you're not keepin it clean! scrub it real good with soap an water. grit yer teeth an pour some rubbing alcohol on it. let it air dry then put neosporin an a bandadge. keep it clean!!!

It sounds likes it's infected....call your dr. tomorrow and let them know what's going on......I'm sure they will have you come in or may just prescribe you an antibiotic to cure the infection. But DON'T tear out the stitches Mr. Cowboy!!

Actually you should be out in an emergency ward somewhere getting that hand drained while you get some good anti-biotics instead of being in here trying to type questions one-handed. By the time you choose your favorite answer, you could be dead.

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