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I've got a cold. How can I unblock my nose without using a decongestant? I've tried steaming, it didn't work

The best way to unblock your nose without taking any decongestants is to apply good ol' Vicks Vapor-rub! Just put a dab under each nostril. And a little on your chest as well. Those vapors should work in seconds. You may want to put a little dab of it in a bowl of hot water and breathe the steam from there as well. Also, FYI, I am a firm believer in an herbal preventative for colds/flu called Oscillococcinum. It is avail at WalMart and the drug store. When I feel a bug coming on I take that and away it goes!!
Good luck!! Feel better!
Big Sis

stick cheetos up ur nose and eat em

Try using a saline nasal spray. It's not very glamorous, but it works.

puff out on your nose its what i do

What you could try is putting salt water up one nostril, and let it run out the other. It normally works.

I use Afrin (or store brand) type nasal spray. Works wonderfully and safe during pregnancy.

Blow! And then steam again.

This sounds awful, but it works.

Get some warm water, add a little baking soda (1 tsp) and about 1 Tbs of salt.

Lay with your head hanging off a bed or couch and find a way to get the water into your nose. A dropper or one of those child's nasal aspirators works well. One nostril at a time, fill your sinus with water. Let it sit for a few minutes, then sit up (have a towel handy!) Repeat with other nostril.

This worked for me, but I stuffed up again in a few hours.

there is a tablet that you put in the shower called shower soothers it is a tablet that releases soothing eucalyptus, menthol & camphor vapors. it is made by the makers of sudafed called sudacare..hope it works

Spicy foods are natural decongestants, vicks, nettie pots (this is where you pour salt water into one nostril and turn your head so the water flows to the other nostril and out...great for sinus problems).

Menthol cough drops usually work for me. Also eating horse radish, like wasabi, can open up you breathing passages.

it you want a non medicinal remedy, try some eucalyptus oil on a regular cloth and place it to your nose and inhale. You can get the eucalyptus oil at any health food store.

meka m
Well you can unblock your nose by using saline drops. All that is normal salt water. It can be bought but you can make it yourself by boiling salt,but let it cool first of course! Decongestants causes high blood pressure so salt water is the safe alternative.

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