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Hydrogen peroxide on a scrap slowing the healing process?
I have a nice sized scrap on my forearm. I had a similar one in the same area a year or so back, and it scabbed over and healed very quickly on it's own. This new one is slightly deeper, so I have been using hydrogen peroxide and neosporin once a day for the past 4 days. It's not scabbing over, it's mostly wet and sort of yellowish is the more "raw" spots. Is it because of the hydrogen peroxide and neosporin? I thought that would help the healing, but it seems to be slowing down the process.

Should I just allow it to air out and stop putting anything on it for a few days now? It's worrying me that it's healing so slowly and is still so sore, with no scab formed really.

Thanks for the advice :)

waiting on Grant Ray
Yes, It needs to have air! It needs to breathe during the day and keep it bandaged at night. Keeping the moisture in also keeps bacteria in there. Keep putting the hp on it in the morning and at night, also the neosporin once you wash it. That should be good enough. It should do ok.. If it starts to turn red around the edges that is when you are getting an infection and you will need to go to the dr. and get some antibiotics.

miss m
the peroxide and neosporin help the skin to heal without infection and without a scab- this is good if you don't want scars. keep it clean by covering it with bandages and replacing them often. it may take longer to heal but it will heal better and without scars. you don't have to stop with the peroxide after a few days either- infact eveytime you change yoru dressings you should reclean the wound with peroxide or some other antibiotic rinse, and add more neosporin. rinse it untill it doesn't foam or buble too- the bubles are signs that the hydrogen peroxide is killing bacteria- once the wound is clean it won't bubble and will be more like you're just pouring/ dabbing water over it.
also the yellowing may or may not be an infection- if it has a smell to it its infected- if not you're most likely just accumulating white bloodcells to help the wound heal... a soft scab if you will...

Nicole Y
stop using hydrogen peroxide! yes it kills the bad bacteria, but its also killing the good bacteria nessecary for your wound to heal. neosporin is good enough and keep it bandaged to protect it from debris.

Barry C
There are new kinds of bandages that are like plastic patches that you put over the entire scrape and leave on for a while. they act kind of like a scab, but you will have a lot less (as in none) scarring at the end.

I use those all the time for scrapes I get mountain biking. go get some - they probably have them at your local big pharmacy chain next to the bandaids, and follow the instructions: no ointments or other stuff on the wound under the bandage.

Good luck!

hydrogen peroxide is used to keep infection out.
I would not use that more than the 1st couple cleanings (on the original day of the injury)

Keep using the Neosporin and keep it covered thoroughly, changing the dressing 1 - 2 times a day.

Ski Freedom
Consider using Povidone Iodine on the wound,
twice daily, for 3 days. This will dry the wound out
& disenfect. Then use the neosporin.
I'm wondering if you might have a skin tear?
If so, healing will take much longer. If the wound
dosent improve within 7 days you need to see
a medical doctor.

When you use the hydrogen peroxide, do you just leave it on there? Or use it more than once a day? If so, then next and every time rinse it off with filtered water after it's been on there between 10 and 20 seconds, and only use it once a day. Prolonged exposure will kill off the healthy cells in the wound, thus stifling healing.

Keep it covered at all times, do not let it air dry. Make certain it has a breathable wrap. Use the Neosporin.

Hot Betty J
I would try letting it dry up some, maybe even do just the neosporin without the peroxide. You may have an infection in it and that could be why it has not scabbed up yet. The yellowish part makes me wonder about the infection. A deeper cut will take longer to heal but yours seems to be slow moving from your description. You may want to consult your doctor if it wont heal up soon. I wish you a speedy healing cut!!!!

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