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Bee Bee (finally a senior)
How to tell if you have a bug in your ear?
My friend is freaking out because he thinks that he has a bug in his ear and that its going to lay eggs in his brain...(pretty stupid...i know!) I tried to tell him to calm down but he's still freaking out...he asked me to go online and find out how you'd know if you have a bug in your ear. So basically my question is how can you tell if you have a bug in your ear?

David S
it true they will...man he is screwed. Is this a serious question?

Depends on what kind of bug. The bigger ones hurt like hell scraping on your ear drum because they want out as bad as you want them out, they just cant find the way,, the eggs thing is horsecrap,,, pour alcohol or peroxide in the ear and see if the little fellar floats to the top,, if not,,, the alcohol will kill him dead.

the bug in question will get stuck on ear wax, then u can remove it wiht a Q-tip

Ashley S
this actually happened to me when i was camping. and youll feel, like bumping in your ear? i suppose thats a good way to explain it, and some movement as well. to get it out i just stayed still and tilted my head and someone was there to, um, get it when it was in the outter part of my eayr haha as gross as that sounds. if worse comes to worse go to the doctors, they can always rinse the ear out.

Julie K
tell him to go to the doctors

Key Lay
Well i dont think a bug would make it to his brain without dying first. from all the crap in ure ear. And it wouldnt lay eggs in his brain it would lay eggs in more of a moist fleshier place like his legs or his tounge or arms. not his head.

i've never heard of anyone having eggs hatch in their brain and baby bugs crawling around in there so tell your friend not to worry. no one has ever died of a bug in their ear. it will either die or come out. either way it's probably not going to hurt you.

if u go to the doctor they can check his hears for infections or bugs. good luck and tell him to chill!

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