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How to get a fly out of my ear?
So basically, I was sleeping and a fly flew in to my ear. After trying many things it was driving me so crazy I tried to rinse it out with water, pouring a glass over my ear tilting it to the side... I could feel my ear fill up, but no bug.

In the process I am fairly certain he drowned... so the only question left now is...

There is a fly in my freaking ear.. what should I do? do I really have to go to ER? What other things can I try first?

More importantly, if it was pregnant... and dies, would maggots be crawling in my head within the next 24 hours?

Serious question... I am freaking out, thanks.

nowhere near average
I would go to the ER

lol sorry but i cant resist but to laugh, how on earth did that happen? But seriously go to ER

I doubt that it is still there, but if it is, put a capful of hydrogen peroxide in your ear and the bubbles will raise it up out of your ear.

lady di
If you have one of those small bulb syringes like they clean babies noses out with then you can put warm water in a bowl and suction the water in the bulb and gently flush the water in your ear and lean it to the side so the water will run out. If you do this several times and it doesn't work then you need to go to the doctor because you may be pushing it futher into the canal. good luck

♥ she loves him
LMAO omg dude! that's freakin disgusting...
go to the ER before it hatches little maggots in your ear and they infest your brain. jk jk...but really, go to the ER. nothing you can do if you cant see inside your ear...unless you have an extendable head

Cheryl L
Try room temp. olive or cooking oil. If it doesn't float out go to a night clinic.

I have used hydrogen peroxide to remove things from ears. Pour a bit in the cap, tilt head (or better yet, just lay down), and pour it in. It will bubble like crazy, but this is ok. Be patient as the bubbling moves things up to the surface. You may gently move your ear a bit to help things bubble to the surface. Have papertowel to put over your ear when you are ready to drain it. Dr.'s offices often do this to clean ears only they will charge you.

Repeat as necessary.

Good luck!

I've heard pouring warm (not hot!) cooking oil in your ear and trying to get the bug to float out can work. Get someone to help you, though. It's not a good idea to try and stick something in your ear to try and pull it out (like tweezers). Go to the ER if you can't get it out. Good luck!

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