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How much tip? I got a good massage for $60 & gave $20 tip; she wanted more, suggested I use credit card; sup?
15% is normal tip for massage. Until I began seeing Asian (Korean, Chinese) massuses I did not recieve negative feedback. It seems they are not pleased with 15% & when I question what they want/expect they do not seem to understand English but make faces and I feel cheap. The hourly rate in LA/Hollywood area is about the same as in the South Bay but the girls seem more demanding/unappreciative in the S. Bay. New places open regularly and I like to go a few times a month. A good experience can be spoiled by a bad attitude from the girl when I feel I give a generous tip.

I have to say that I cannot believe how rude that person was to you. I am a hairstylist, as yes, I do rely on my tips, but I could never even imagine actually asking someone for a bigger tip! The thought is just ludicrous! The word tip is a deivative of 'gratuity' meaning GRATEFUL!!! And I have to say that as much as we hate the days that tips are bad, everyone I know that is in and service industry that tipping is the norm, we are GRATEFUL for what we get, so it sounds to me like this is just a rude ungrateful person, and I would have taken my $20 back and informed them that they had just lost my business for being so tactless and rude. I would probably also let their boss know how rude they were.

20% is the norm for tips nowedays in every normal place... never had a massage, so don't know what they expect. also if the bill was $60 and you gave a $20 tip, thats 33% tip... don't know what they are expecting!

You just gave a 33% tip. I'd find a new masseuse if she thinks thats not enough. Use a credit card, huh? She may be trying to scam you. I worked in a gas station long ago. I found 3 different ways to charge someones credit card.

sounds to me that this person was being greedy! They get paid for the massage and it is your perrogative whether or not you leave a tip. It is good form to leave a tip but that is entirly up to you. If they are not happy with the tip you leave them then go elsewhere. Let them know that you can take your business some where else. Usually they want to keep thier customers.

Did you get a "Happy Ending"?

Just kidding. $20 is definately plenty! I would suggest that the next time you go S.Bay that you ask for someone different, and tip exactly tthe same. Watch for the response. If they seem to respond all the same way then it seems that place is over demanding of tips or there are people that come in that over tip.

I live in San Diego and theres a massus school that i go to. Its really cheap. And they dont expect tips, i dont think they are allowed to get them, but i slip them a $5 and they seem happy about it.


$20 IS a big tip for a massage!!

A 33% tip seems like more than enough. If a someone I tipped said that to me, she'd be running the risk of me taking it away.

That's pretty cheeky of someone to ask for a bigger tip. A tip is a gratuity. That means it is not required. Should you give a tip? Of course! That is only fair. But 15% is fine. 20% if it was the greatest massage ever. Anything more than that, is up to you. But, seriously, I wouldn't go back to that massuese.

A $20.00 tip is more than enough. If they are that rude take your business someplace else.

C Dog
I am going to school for massage therapy and, I gotta say, if someone is in the business for the money, you need to find a new massage therapist. Think about this... I've looked around at what I could make once I finish school - on average, a MT makes 50% of whatever they do - and they make a percentage on the sale of products. So, say you pay $60 for a massage. That person is getting $30 for ONE HOUR of their time... Granted, a massage is very rewarding both for relaxation and healing - but it's still one hour. If you have a MT that makes you feel uncomfortable because of something money related... truly, you need to find a new one. To me, the relationship between a client and their MT is very intimate. I mean, what other random stranger sees you naked, even if you are covered by a sheet. So, you need to look around and find one that makes you feel totally comfortable in every aspect of the massage process - including payment! :) Hope that helps... from the point of view of the therapist.

You are supposed to tip your masseuse 20%. So $20 is MORE than enough.

15% is plenty. Your $20 is more than enough. If they are not happy with your tip, find someone who is. You deserve a gracious massuse who gives good masssages. You should find a new massuse who will give you a good experience. The attitude totally spoils your experience. Instead of leaving relaxed, you end up stressed again. It is not worth it. I don't know of anyone up in LA to refer you to. I do know of a couple places in Orange County.


I think that's more than enough. I would have taken the tip back if I were you. I always go to a privately owned massage parlor where there is usually only one or two workers. I feel like I pay enough for the massage why should I have to tip too? If she does an especially good job I might give her an extra ten or something but normally I don't even tip. I hate how everyone thinks that any service needs to be tipped. These people are making more than minimum wage. The only people who need to be tipped are those who make under minimum wage or who live off their tips. No one else gets a tip from me.

Officer Me
Do you tip the cashier at the local grocery store, your car mechanic, the postman, the McDonalds workers, your local police officer, the weather man, your good neighbor, the flight attendant, your bank teller, or your parents?

lisa p
Seems to me like she's a little greedy. Orientals are known for being very shrewd business people. Money is a very big deal to them.

I hope you didnt give her greedy a** more $....20 was more than enough

You leave as much as you want. $20 seems more than enough

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