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 Is this a disease? please read this!?
Is this a disease?
Is this a disease?
I keep on thinking about food,like I suddenly want icecream and I must have it,right after that I see another thing to eat and keep thinking about it ...

 I got bit 10 mins ago by my chihuahua. He already had his anti rabies shot. Should i still go to the hospital?
I got bit 10 mins ago by my chihuahua. He already had his anti rabies shot. Should i still go to the hospital?
we were playing and she went straight to my face open mouthed and accidentally bit ...

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 Do our vital organs get put into a plastic bag when we die??
ive heard that everyone has this done whether you like it or not.
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it is compulsory in the ...

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Most people brush after dinner and or after breakfast, but not necessarily after lunch why?...

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 Help! 've been bit by my cat. whats the first aid.?
she bit on my toe. it's just small, will i get a rabies?
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the cat has not been injected of any drug.. How will I know if she has rabies?...

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 How can I determine what has bit me?
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 My sister just got scratched by a cat. How do I make the pain go away?
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 If you have a sore throat what can i do to make it go away?

 What to do if someone has a heart attack?
I know I have to call 911, but what else do I have to do?...

 What removes the sticky stuff from your skin?
does any one know what removes the adhesive from your skin that is left behind from bangages and tape. my bandages and tape were removed rome my surgery and now i have all this sticky stuuf all over ...

blessing in disguise
How many times should a person take a shower a day?

wow, i never knew people showered so much. Twice a day is too much. No wonder so much water is wasted. Your skin stays hydrated when you shower less. once a day or every other day. shampoo every other day or every third day. WHAT IS BED SMELL???

I only need to shower once a day, unless I'm involved with some very dirty work or if I get unusually hot and perspired. Beyond that, once a day should be fine.

Only once. Any more than once would leave your hair and skin over-dry.

It depends on the persons oil glands , activity rate , and sensitivity . If the person works out , and keeps their body heavily moisturized , probably 2 a day . If they are rather inactive , they should probably just take 1 . It also depends what soap , shampoo , etc . they use . Some can dry you skin out worse than it may already be if they use the product too much . If your hair is really dirty , or gets oily easily , you may want to use a clarifying shampoo.
So it does depend all on the person , product , and even the water , because too hot of water can dry you out , ut too cold can be dangerous to your breathing it you aren't used to it .

technically a person should take a shwoer once a day (taking showers more often results in a damaged natural bacterial flora on your skin which in turns results ina very problematic skin years later and even weaker immunity -proved scientifically); although if you ahve a BO or sthg liek taht then you should ;) take a shower more often

a L a Y N a

Two or more. One in the morning and one at night or less something happens where you need an additional shower or bath.

A day? I only bathe once a week,LOL

Seriously, I wash twice a day, when I wake up and before bed. In the summer I may bathe more depending on how hot it is.

At least 2 times a day for in the morning to get the "bed" smell off of your body an d1 at night to get the must off your body!!!

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