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Yeah, i'm efeeling g kinda a duzzyy....

 EX-SMOKERS: Please tell me by what method you were eventually able to quit. I desperately want to stop.?

How many hours can a person stay awake?
How bout you? How long can you stay awake?
Additional Details
me? 2 days... when I was still an architecture student.

No more than 2-3 hours

probably 4 days.. but u feel drowzy in 2 days of no sleeping..

snoopy doggy dogg
for 3days

aspiring guy

GeeZy da Trapstar
there is actualyl a disease where the pateint cannot sleep at all. tis usally leasts for about 7-10 years after the onset, at which point the patient dies due to lack of rest of the brain.

3 to 4 days at the max for me

The consequences of sleep deprivation include physical effects, mental impairment, and mental health complications. Inadequate rest impairs our ability to think, to handle stress, to maintain a healthy immune system, and to moderate our emotions. Total sleep deprivation is fatal: lab rats denied the chance to rest die within two to three weeks.

Don't know how long i can stay awake but i know i can sleep for 12 hours ;)

i have sleeping disorders and i can stay awake till 8am

Notorious Guy
For me, less than 24 hours.
However, according to some psychology textbook, a person can stay awake for 11 days and still conscious. There is a psychological experiment support it.

I believe it's 96 hours.
I watch a documentary once called hand on a truck, some guy was awaik for 102 hours.
after that he couldn't do it no more

a fat sack o'Meth and i was doin' it for 28 dayZed

Depends normally for no more than 18 hours. I would need to be well rested to stay awake for longer.

It depends...:)

I'm at work after two hours sleep and hope to work till 10pm

Most can not stay awake longer than 72 hours. This has been proven through multiple sleep deprivation studies.

I think the record is a couple of weeks, but the guy seriously suffered severe mental damage, better to cut it off in a few days.

hi muaahhh. i have a sleep for a total of six hours broken into three two-hour sleep. i wake up in between to get to the comfort room. i guess the average waking hour is 16 to 18 hours. how about you?

24 hours for me

After 36 hours people begin to suffer problems that seriously affect them. Driving is out of the question. Most become quite erratic. Some quite emotional.
72 hours is an extreme example. Studies of sleep-deprivation will not go beyond 56 hours as permanent damage can be done.

i have insomnia so on my days off i'll stay awake for 16 hours straight, friday thru sunday. one time i filled in for a late night shift and worked for 20 hours! besides coffee and power juice drinks

Wow, u studied architecture?thats cool. Thats one of my choices as a career too. I can stay awake for 2-2.5 days. But i slept for almost 12 hours after that. lol. tha was when i had exams.

Cat In The Sink
Oh, I've gone 60 hours when I was in the Navy.

Killer Curvz
probably depends on what you're doing. Did you hear about the guy who stayed awake for like 72 hours playing video games and then just died? Always knew video games would kill ya!

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