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 Nose bleed?
how can u stop nose bleeding?
because my nose bleeding since yesterday
my nose bleed stops but after 30minutes it bleeds again
and also the blood cloth is coming from my mouth its sso ...

 How to get rid off Burning feeling on hand by hot chili pepper?
I cut and washed some hot chili pepper at dinner time. I washed hands a lot of times. But I still have burning feeling on my hands. Is there any way to get rid of this kind of feeling on hand?

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One night when we were all fast asleep, my fifteen-year old daughter suddenly got up, wailing in pain telling me that an ant went inside her ear and it's really hurting as it walks inside. She ...

 How do I know if I am having a heart attack?

 How can i get rid of this sweat odor on my cap?

Additional Details
its made of wool so washing is a ...

 How do i go to the bathroom?

 My husband was stung by a wasp 2 days ago. What, besides Benedryl will reduce the swelling in his leg?

 Whats your motto on how to live your life?
Just curious about everyone else's idea about living life....

 I burned my finger on the dishwasher any remedies to help the burning?
please help my finger feels like its on fire!...

 This is a psychology question. The question is: Why??

 Is pus supose to come out of a lip pirecing?
it's not swollen or any thing....

 What helps you to stop bleeding, cold or warm water?

 How do i cure a water balloon on my thumb?
i have a water balloon on my thumb and it hurts like hell

I have a Golf tournament on this Saturday, how do I take care of it?...

 If you witness an accident...?
What if you see an accident,and a man bleeding profusely in the arm,for eg,is there anything you can do to help stop the bleeding,while waiting for the ambulance?im sure you don't want the man ...

 Do all brown recluse bites need med attention?
I think I was bitten. Very small, feverish mark with hole in center. White in center red around. Cant be for sure if it is a bite but probably....

 Can u tell me ways to cut down on sleep?
Yes sleep is important but I end up sleeping for 12- 15 hrs a day....isn't that too much?? I can't get my butt off the bed....plz ...without any pills n stuff..how can i stay awake or ...

 Ham making me swelled?
everytime i eat ham my feet sweell up
i try an stay away from it
but why is this happening ?...

 Ok this was stupid of my but I fell asleep reading my email and I had gum in my mouth when I woke up it...?
when I woke up I guess I swalloed the gum in my sleep (it was a nap) do you think it went down my esophagus or my wind pipe?? will I be ok? what are signs that I'm not?...

 How can i get tallerrrrrr :((?
heeeeeeey guys

am 156 cm
n i wanna reach 160cm or more

is there any way to get taller
don't tell me swim or do some sport cz i tried it b4<...

 Sore throat is lasting longer than a week.?
I got a sore throat last wednesday and I can still feel it, it doesnt hurt bad but i can tell its still there. At night, i get a stuffy nose when im sleeping, like i'll wake up with one, and ...

How long should I keep a heating pad on my sore back?

The instructions states that the heating pad should stay on no longer than 20 minutes to prevent burns.

robby b
my chiropractor told me to alternate heat and ice every 15 to 20 min, and to only do that for 2 hrs then take 2 hrs off and then back on again

Male Sicilian Trauma Nurse
Really just depends on you.Give it 15 minutes.Then put it back on your back for another 15 minutes.Dont matter about how long you put it,do it when you need it.

Depends on urself. 15 - 30 minutes ideally. But if you have time and it is relieving your pain, maybe more.

Don't use heat if your mucsle is sore and inflammed heat will make it worse try a cold pack.

Just Me...
till pad getting cooler

As long as you're comfortable with it. I kept mine on so long, it burned me!!

huh about 24 hours

as long as its helping! just be careful it isn't too hot. it won't do any harn to keep it on for a long time.

alternate with hot and cold

You should keep it on for no longer than 30 minutes to prevent burns.Also it may help to get warm water in the pad so it doesn't burn.Not hot but warm.

Heat for 30 minutes

till it cools down but be carefull it does not burn you.

Rotate on and off at 20 min intervals so the muscle can relax and tighten.

no more than 30 minutes. You should alternate between the hot and cold packs.

As long as it takes.

I suffer(ed) from a sore back for several years from picking up my kids all the time. Two things my husband bought me just this past year as fixed the problem completely...without the need for a chiropracter.

1. One of those Shiatzu massage seats. Wow do those things work. I've only had to use it twice since I got it, it works so well.

2. A foam mattress topper. We have a 3 inch thick one, only cost about $100 and it was totally worth it. I was against buying it at first because I didn't think 3 in. would do much good, but it's the most comfortable sleep I've ever had in my life. I never wake up with a sore back anymore either.

Sorry, I know that was a bunch of added info, but thought it might help....good luck, hope your back feels better!

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