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How long should I cover a medium (not too deep, but not just a scrape) cut? Or should I let it "get air"?
I fell off my bike and stopped my fall with my right hand. I had some gravel/rock in my hand that I took out and cleaned well. I have had it covered for a good 10 hours, as it was bleeding a lot!

Charlie C
Medium cuts, I think the liquid bandage works well (as an alternative to stitches). You can buy it now at drug stores. If it is still bleeding when you remove the dressing, wash the area with soap & water, rinse well, pat dry and apply the liquid bandage. It will dissolve as the wound heals.

Yurok Warrior
Let it get air. If you are thinking it may get dirty during an activity, then dress it and keep it covered.

The purpose of the bandage is to prevent bacteria and dirt from getting into the wound. A scab is your bodies version of a bandage. Once the wound scabs over it is safe to leave it uncovered. In the meantime, wash the area twice a day with warm soapy water and a clean cloth. Apply an antibiotic ointment and redress.

Mr. Why
You really only "need" to keep it covered until the bleeding stops. But keeping it covered with a Band-Aid until the skin completely closes over top and the scab softens and falls off will help it heal faster and with a smaller scar. Great job cleaning it well! That's easy to forget to do, but forgetting leads to infection.

More important question, "Were you wearing a bike helmet?" If not, please go get one. Your head bleeds ten times more than your hand and doesn't hold Band-Aids very well. Imagine what would've happened if you'd landed differently, on your head instead of your hand! Plus... if you break your hand it can heal; no such luck if you break your brain. Please be sure you and all your friends are wearing bike helmets.

Keep it clean. If you are doing something dirty, cover it. Otherwise let it "air out" and form a scab (sometimes covering a cut too much allows moisture to build makng scabbing difficult and letting bacteria grow).

ouchh. uhmm neosporin..bandaid.
wait a day.
give it air.
repeat (=

The Robster
I would cover it just as long as it takes to stop bleeding or if you might get it dirty. If it has stopped bleeding, it will probably heal faster and have a less chance of getting infected if you leave it open. Letting it "get air" is a good idea because it will be too cool for an infection to occur.

Nikko penn.
once it looks as though its closed up give it air. but if it is still an open wound then keep it covered as germs and lots of little nasties may infect it. good luck.

Emily Dew
Cover it to protect it just until it scabs over. Then the scab will protect it.

Tina S
Cover it when you are out and about when the chances of more dirt and bacteria getting into the wound is greater. When your at home around the house and sleeping, let it breathe some. If there is a lot of moisture built up when you take the bandage off, keep if off for a bit and let it dry out.

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