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How long does it take for sunburn to stop hurting?
is there any way i can stop the pain

Get some Noxzema and slather it on.

Use aloe vera, you can find it at just about any supermarket. It looks like green hair-gel. But all foolishness aside, it significantly cuts down on the burining and you should be better in no time.

Agent D
As I'm sure you've been told, aloe works well. You can also get medicated aloe with menthol or something along those lines to protect your skin against infection. How long your sunburn will hurt depends on a number of factors: the intensity of the burn, your pain threshold, the length of time your skin was exposed to the sun and how your skin reacts to the sunburn. I had a sunburn on my legs that hurt for two weeks (most likely because I didn't put on sunscreen and I have lily white skin).

The best things to do are drink lots of water to rehydrate your skin, put on aloe vera or a lotion with aloe in it (the lotion can help you keep the color if your burn turns to tan and doesn't immediately peel off), where loose fitting clothes where the burn is concerned to not cause unneccesary friction on said burn, and (if you're man enough) take a cool bath, or you can just pour cupfuls of cool water over your skin to cool it down. If these don't work well enough for you over the next few days, try using some burn cream to alleviate the pain and the possiblity of infection.

As a survivor of severe sunburn, I can assure you these techniques will work.

Check this site ... http://www.health911.com/remedies/rem_sunb.htm

Candii JoJo is a groovy chick.
vinigar will nuteralize the burn...mustard is vinigar based, so if that's all you have you can use it , too. keep pouring it on the pain will subside soon

i love my garden
In the kitchen find white vinegar and dab it on the burn. Also raw tomato is good in taking away the sting of sunburn. Aloe Vera plant is another thing that could be used. I wouldn't do them all together. Try out the tomato first. Remember you are burnt and burns are very painful. cold water on a face washer can give relief too. Tkes about 3 days for the burn pain to go.

gordon l
Yes, you can stop the pain. They make after-sun burn gel specifically for sunburns and it works quite well. The main ingredient is just aloe, so really any skin moisturizer should work. Also drink plenty of water.

If you use the after-sun gel immediately after sun exposure your burn will go away within a day or day and a half; untreated it could take up to three and will peel within a week, depending on the severity of the burn (moisturizing will also prevent peeling).

maria d
u cant really stop the pain, but u can treat it. apply some cool water in the burnt areas, and also u can try lotion.

Get into a tub of water as hot as you can stand it. Lie down if burn is on back. It will hurt for a bit but that's the end of the sunburn, truly.

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