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 What is the dirtiest part of your body?
I got a cut in my inside lip and debating on getting stitches, just wandering what you guys think about bacteria and stuff?...

 HELP!!!! I have a mosquito stuck in my ear and it's stuck. PLEASE HELP IVE BEEN SCREAMING FOR 10 minuets?
how do u get it out?
plz it hurts really bad and i can hear it buzzing
Additional Details
NO it really is a mosquito i was outside and i watched it fly ...

 How will you know if the person is choking?
you are in the restaurant and you notice that someone is grasping his neck what will you do?...

 How do u get rid of diarrhea?

 Mosquito Bite is driving me crazy and I have nothing at the moment to help it!!?
I do'nt have any kind of creams or medicines for itch. Is there anything i might have around my house that might help sooth mosquito bite itch besides products made specifically for it?

 What happens if u get stitches and a scab beginning go grow over it?
i had two lesions removed off my neck the doctor put dissolving stitching one it and one regular stitch on the top of the skin i to the one regular stitch yesterday and she was like mmmh it scabbing ...

 Why do i sometimes feel my heartbeat on different parts of the body?
for example, in the arms, in my legs. i don't feel it all the time but sometimes it just come and usually go off after 10 minutes.
Additional Details
i know what a pulse is. i mean, ...

 How many of you have farted in a classroom, and had gotten embarrassed?
If you have, why get embarrassed? Garantee everyone passes gas if not they would spontanius combust! So why all the laughing? It not like they've never heard it before? Just wondering....

 Big Bite! HELP!?
Okay i just noticed something on the back of my leg that looks like something either stung me or bit me.

The area is red and about the size of a fist [thumb over index and middle] looking ...

 Dog bite last night?
was bitten by a rot about three inches up from the wrist, on the under side at the major vein. Wondering since the wounds are pretty deep if the pai can be from tendon damage and if so is it best to ...

 How to get a good night's sleep without drugs?

 Whats up with teens these days?
they get pregnant at younger and younger ages..i just read about this 13yr old questioning about her baby
Additional Details
i agree.instead of enjoying their teen life they stay at home ...

 How old can you start wearing contacts?

 When someone screams does that automatically mean they need help?

Additional Details
Dame Elizabeth Taylor & Rory Emerald....

 I am very sun burnt. I fell asleep on a boat. I need relief besides aloe. Any suggestions.?

 Why does a person's blood glucose level fluctuate everyday?

 Using povidone iodine on a finger cut?
Guys, I injured my finger tonight while to a repair to my house. Basically a aluminum sheet cut my left thumb (right above the knuckle). Its a rather deep cut and the sheet fell about 2 feet ...

 What's the best way to stop a blood nose?

 Can you swallow you're tongue?

 Can stress make you more susceptible to colds?
Been very stressed (from a relationship) and seem to easily get sick or not feel well. Psychosomatic?? Yet still not feeling well....

How long does Marijuana stay in your system. (4'11" 100 pounds)?

with your weight and height it should only take a few days. Drink lots of cranberry juice and water

you shouldn't need to know.

A month in your system and in your hair it can stay up to three months , when the test hair the can see all the drugs you have done in the past or last three months. but there are was to piss your system clean quicker

it all stays in the fat, so it depends on how fat you are and how much you smoke. if you're not fat and you smoke average, about a week, tops. fat people who smoke all the time will take up to 30 days. i used to smoke an ounce a day, a week later, i passed my drug screen. so what does taht tell you. it's all about metabolism.

30 days no matter how much you weigh or even how tall u are sorry


first of all you're too little to be smokin weed

depends how frequently you have been smoking for the past month, if you have smoked everyday then give it a month if its been less than that i give it 2 weeks maybe sooner cause if your 100pounds then the THC doesnt have many places to go!

about a month. depends on how much water you drink too.

If you've been smoking steady, even your 100 lbs. will take thirty (30) days. Of all the "FOREIGN" substances we partake, marijuana is the hardest to calculate as to the duration within our systems........."30 DAYS IN THE HOLE" LATER!!!!!

drink lots of water.. a spritz of lemon juice. I used to work with a total burner..he was tested hundreds of times and never caught.. I asked him how and he said..stay hydrated..

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