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How long do i have to wait before I can take out my stitches?
my cut is healing fine, and looks like it has already sealed up. but how long do i have to wait to take them out? My cut itches so bad and I am so ready to take them out. I got them put in 1 week ago. is it too early to take them out?
Additional Details
the cut is on my forearm, and about 3 inches long. It only took 10 stitches.

You should look over your discharge instructions to determine when the correct time is to have the stitches taken out. It all depends on the location of the cut. If it is on the face, then the less time the stitches are in, the better. But there are a lot of factors involved. Where is the cut?

David C
I had surgery recently and they left them in about two weeks.
Why not phone the hospital and ask?

One week should be ok, I took mine out after one week. My sure you snip the loop first. Do not tear or you'll have a scar.

Two weeks is standard.

Your doctor should have given you a return appt. to remove stitches. You shouldn't do it yourself.

kelly a
yes wait one more week and that way it is surely healed and u will be able to remove them with no problems..

It depends on the wound. Minor surgery stitches can be removed in 5 days. Normal surgery stitches abt 7 days. Major ones take abt 10 days. Some stitches will just resolve and fall off without having the need to remove. I dun think your doctor is that ridiculous not to have given you a date to have them removed instead of asking you to do it yourself. It is best for you to call the hospital for an appt or walk-in. Dont keep it too long, it may get infected too.

In general, 7-10 days is the amount of time for sutures. If it is itching and the sutures are clean and dry, then it's probably time to remove them.

generally /7-10 days/what does /your discharge /papers say/

What type of stitches? Some disolve and dont need removal

normally you wait 7-10 days. If you are going to take them out yourself becareful. If the laceration is completly healed than you can "rip it open" by taking the sutures out to early.

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