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Jessica B
How long do I leave the bandage on my arm after giving blood?
I gave blood for the first time today and DIDN'T PASS OUT!!! Ya, so now how long should I leave the green bandage on my arm? Is it healthy to leave it on throught tomorrow so I can get out of doing work in class?
Additional Details
Aaaw, being a minor giving blood doesn't give me any perks? Oh well, thanks guys!

little Glo
If there is no bleeding....You can take it off shortly after you leave from giving blood. If it would start bleeding, which it shouldn't, just apply pressure and put another bandaid on again and wait a little longer.

kids and cats
You can safely take it off just about any time you want to. It's just there to make sure a clot forms at the venipuncture site
As for getting out of work in class..........You've got to be kidding.
I work in a hospital and they expect you to go right back to work after donating blood, so, good luck with that.

It only takes a few mintues for it to seal its self.. I would say 30 mintues to an hour.

If you're into it really sticking, yes. It should be removed tonight though..... Bleeding has stopped long ago! Good for you for donating!

I rip it off immediately after. It is just there to stop the bleeding.

Leave the bandage on all day until you go to bed. Then change the bandage for the next day. Then you can keep it off. The new bandages that they put on my arm make my skin itch after a while. Congratulations! Donating blood is a good habit. Don't stop giving.

Usually when you give blood they put a bandaid on and wrap this stuff around your arm and bandaid. That wrap can be taken off within the hour and the band aid needs to be taken of after about 5. They use a big needle, thats why you need to leave the band aid on longer. And no....sorry. Giving blood won't get you out of work. Just make sure you don't do any heavy lifting.

you can take it off after hour.

Daniel B
30 minutes...and yes you shammer!!!!! lol

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