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How do you treat a puncture wound to the vein?
My sister was giving the cat a bath but he scratched her deeply and it shows as deep blue. Its to the vein and im a bit worried, she applied peroxide but im not sure if thats enough. Its not bleeding but it looks deep and she said one could die from a vain infection.

Mr. Why
You do not need to go to the ER pronto. Get some sleep and make an appointment to see your doctor in the morning. You don't get sepsis (a blood infection) that fast. Or, if you do, then you're sick all over from it with fever, chills, seats, etc. However, from a medical perspective, cats are "dirty" animals in that they can casue several different types of infection. One germ, called Bartonella, is responsible for "Cat Scratch Disease."

Please see http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/healthy/firstaid/bites/024.html
for more information on this and all your other first aid needs

Also, do be all of you get your tetanus shots every 10 years as any cut from any source can lead to tetanus. Tetanus is nearly alwasy fatal, but esaily prevented with routine immunization.

go to the emergency room

cause if the vein get infected the blood gets infected and the blood would travel around the body getting other cells infected

go to the ER pronto!

Put pressure on the vain with clean cloth for 15 minutes ...then check if bleeding stops .(DON'T CHECK before 15 minutes are up or bleeding will not stop)..if bleeding slows down but does not stop try for another 15 ...if after 45 minutes (3 tries ) it does not stop bleeding seek medical attention .If in 1st try it did not slow down the bleeding seek medical attention

If the puncture is into the vein this could be serious as she may get phlebitis and she needs to see her doctor without delay as cats carry several bugs that are harmful to humans

to be on the safe side phone casualty,cats nails after all traipse in the mud and into litter trays,clean it well with boiled water and a pinch or salt left to cool.

OK boil it with peroxide and add a triple antibiotic ointment to it. When I say boil it I mean spend 20 mins slowly pouring peroxide over the wound. If it's not bleeding and her arm isn't swelling then I wouldn't worry to much about it. Also take a black sharpie and outline the wound or the red area around the wound. On a piece of paper right down what time you drew the line. Check the line in an hour to see if the red area has went outside the area that you drew. If so then I would go have it checked at the local ER or wait a couple hours and call her regular doctor. Either way if you decide to follow my advice or go it checked like other people have advised best of luck to you. She needs to follow her gut on this. If for any reason she starts having trouble breathing CALL 911

spongebob squarepants
if the puncture wound was from a claw, don't worry. Wash it, apply pressure to control the bleeding and maybe put a bit of neosporin on it (to help prevent infection).

If the bite was from the cat's mouth, then go to the emergency room. There is a bacteria that grows specifically in cat's mouths (I forget what it's called) but it can spread and become pretty nasty. I work as an emergency room nurse, and we've actually admitted patients to the hospital for cat bites (although these are usually people who wait a few days before going to the emregency room).

Oh, and speaking as an emergency room nurse, make sure your sister's tetanus shot is up to date!!

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