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Morgan T
How do you tape a pulled muscle in the ribs?
I was kayaking at lake tahoe and we tipped over and i pulled a muscle located in my ribcage. it hurts everytime i breathe in, cough, sneeze or anything that inflates my lungs. i have a soccer tournament this weekend and I need to know how to tape the injury just to limit the motion and make it easier to move around and play. any suggestions on websites to look at or ways of taping?
Additional Details
thank you so much i will try it this weekend!

OMG it hurts really badly!! make sure its not broken! someitmes a fracture can take over a week to show up in an x-ray, but for a rib there's nothing to be done, anyway. My mother in law recently had three ribs broken...she used the ace bandage approach. it helps to have someone assist you, but make sure they are gentle!

The only thing I would add to the other answers is not keeping it taped all the time. By keeping it taped continually, this can inhibit your lung's capability to to expand and contract to its full capacity which could lead to a possible lung infection. So if you're at home, leave it untaped. You should really refrain from any sports-like activities for the next couple of weeks or until it feels better but if you insist on playing then it's okay to wrap it with a 6" ace wrap just tight enough for support but not so tight that your breathing is strained.

I agree with Annie.
How scary the "medically trained" are telling you to go ahead and wrap it and go play soccer.Of course there is no way you might actually fall down during the game and completely BREAK a rib or completely TEAR a muscle that might only be strained right now.
A torn muscle in your chest will hurt a hell of a lot worse than you do right now.
But you go enjoy your game and don't listen to your body telling you to slow down and let it heal properly.What does it know?


Taping ribs is a great way to cause pneumonia !!! Doctors quit doing that years and years ago !!!

chick a dee
OKAY, II just read all the answers and I am scared! I wonder about the doctor and the medical assistant. I would think that they would first recommend you go to the DOCTOR and get an XRAY. If your rib is broken and you participate in sports before it is healed properly. it could completely fracture and puncture a lung. Then you would be up the creek without a paddle.

Your playing soccer so u'l be twisting at the hips and jumping alot,i reccomend useing a a bandage tape that sticks to your skin, making a continuest strip from your back around your stomach and the ribs,up your back and over your shoulder,do it until the tape runs out. Lol,its still going to hurt tho,but not as much

So did you play?? Don't try to be a hero. You can do more damage. Let it heal, take a break. You should probually get it checked out though expecially if it stillis unbearable.

moon and starz
I sugguest not playing, but if you must...wrap an ace bandage very tightly around your ribs . Start right under your armpits. End the wrap at the bottom of your rib cage. Make sure that you don't wrap it too tightly to where you can't breathe, but it must be tight to limit mobility.

Oh for crying out loud get some rest and lay down. You will do a much worse injury even if you find out how to tape it.

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