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 What happenes if a beatle bites me?
yeah i got bit this mornin when i woke up
i went to brush my teeth and then, i got an itch so i scrated and found out i got bit by a beatle.
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right now it feels ...

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How do you stop your 15 month old from biting?

Give him a pacifier.

You people are idiots. I believe the real question was about why the baby likes to bite everything.

The baby bites because its teeth are coming in and they hurt. The baby needs something to chew on to help it.

biting where

dmv question
It is a discipline problem, no offense but probably he/she is seeing aggressive behavior around him/her.

As an adult guardian (parent) you can manage the situation, knee and look into his/her eyes tell him that that is not appropriate and EXPLAIN he is not only hurting people but can get sick. He will not have friends if he is like that, and forget about daycare they don't tolerate that.

You can surprise him when he has good behavior, but don't reward him for behaving like he is already suppose to do anyway.

Children like to feel recognized, they feel important and loved.

Hope this helps.

me myself i used to just bite back but that didn't work try telling yuor child firmly no that hurts and i wont allow it believe me the baby wiil under stand

hot sauce it works had the same thing that happened

rip out the teeth

I know this sounds harsh but lightly slap their hand...that way they will learn its a no no thing to do. Remember to tell them "no" even though they might not understand. If you keep letting them get away with it they will never stop.

Carry a spray bottle of 100% real lime juice and spray it on places where your baby bites you. I doubt he/she will like the taste. The baby shouldn't have any adverse reactions.

Sounds cruel but give them a gentle bite back. They do not know that biting hurts. It might also be that they are teething and need a teething ring to chew on.

I disagree with the person who suggested that the child sees aggressive behaviour. My family do not have aggressive behaviour and I know other families who use this technique who are also not aggressive.

haha i remember my daughter doing this, its just a phase you just need to be firm and say No loudly and put them down, do not bite back thats cruel and teaches kids nothing, honestly dont worry its very common almost mandatory that babys go through this phase, he/she will grow out of it soon enough, get them a realy good teething ring.

bite back

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