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 I burnt myself on the deep fryer at my job on the underside of my wrist. What should I do to advoid scaring?
I don't want it to stay forever!!! It's not really all that bad. Its about an inch in legnth and 1/4 inch in width, but its all red!...

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ok so she cut herself on the finger and it will not stop bleeding help what should i dooooooooooo???????...

 Does asperin really help prevent heart attacks?

 How painful is it to get your ear pieced?
like the cartilage upper part. can you compare it to something and can you tell me what i can do to get ready for it....

 How to cure a burnt tongue from hot coffee?
plz help me it really hurts :'(...

 How would you describe the condition of your feet?

 May have ingested Nail Polish Remover?
I was removing some false nails earlier, with acetone nail polish remover... anyway i forgot to wash my hands afterwards and then later on i was eating something and licked my finger by mistake which ...

 I have a presentation next week at university which is for 10 mins, i'm really nervous?
about it (i go bright red which is embaressing) is there anything i can take to calm me down? But still keep me alert enough to remeber what i'm saying?...

 If you got a sunburn from tanning should you keep going back to tan everyday or let your body heal?

 For those that know first aid................here is a scenario you walk by a building and notice a woman?
laying on the ground, she appears to be injured. What steps should you take, till help arrives? ( ambulance)

This question is worth 10 points....

 I just burned the roof of my mouth with hot grits! what is a home remedy for this soreness?
when i drink something it burns or eat something salty it burns. I dont recall ever doing this before. Help!!!!!...

 What is the fastest way to get rid of a cold without going to the doctor?
i have stuffy ears and a dry cough. My nose feels fine not stuffy or anything. I also, have a very sore throat....

 Why do people treat pharmacists like second class doctors? they are brilliant!?

 There is a lil piece of glass in my foot since this morning i cant get it out can anyone tell me how?
plz n fanku
Additional Details
i tryd usein tweezers i cnt gt it out my mum has n wn she ws doin it i ws screamin becos it hurt soo ...

 Why do smokers always have to smoke right in front a every doorway, so other have to walk through the smoke?

 Is secondhand smoke REALLY that bad for you?
I need a serious, unbiased answer.

If you're going to say "OMGZ it'z lyke SOOOO bad 4 u!", go do a TRUTH commercial. I want a real answer.

What kind of ...

 I wanna bruise my finger nail!?
Whats the fasted way to make you finger nail bruise?...

 My son has a slinter in his foot it has a red line coming from it my friend says I need to?
take him to the ER that he can have an infection not to remove it.I just removed it and put peroxide on it should it be ok?...

 Is blood pressure of 150/70 something to worry about?
I recenlty visited hospital (so was a bit worried/stressed) they took my blood pressure and it was 150/70 they didn't seem worried but I am overweight and it seemed a bit high! Should I be ...

 Is it true that its dangerous to wake a sleepwalker?

How do you make yourself wet the bed when your sleeping? Please dont make stupid comments or i will report.?
I really want to wet the bed while i am sleeping. I have tried drinking alot before bed, listening to water nosies, and i tired to have my hand put in warm water nothing seems to do the trick. thanks Kelly

dont pee for 3 days, see the next day if u arent wet ur bed u might be wet ur pants at skool.

There is a way you can control your dreams, try drinking lots of fluids before bed and then concentrate on going through the actions you would normally do when you go to the bathroom. Hopefully you can dream about going to the bathroom, then you would might achieve your goal.

well your body tends to prevent wetting the bed so i say you can drink alot of water and when you wake up and got to go just wet the bed and go back to sleep. you really can't make yourself do it if the tricks you tryed have failed.

when and how
Why would you want to wet the bed? Whats the difference if you pee your pants while you're awake or sleeping? If you're trying to play a prank on someone, it will not work!

I was going to mentioned what I now see you've already tried. I'm thinking now that you are going to have to be awake. Do you have to be sleeping ? I think that we are conditioned so sternly to not do that while growing up, that your SC wont let you while you are in REM sleep, even.
I'm Sorry. Also curious. An assignment ? What about a suggestion of it while hypnotized ?

While this is a fairly odd question, I think that you may have better luck if you take a sleeping aide such as Unisom in conjunction with lots of liquids before bed. Make sure not to take more than the recommended dose and check for drug interactions.

Many times, children who wet the bed do so after an exhausting day and it seems like their body just isn't able to wake them up to use the restroom.

After years of your brain knowing it shouldn't wet the bed, you may have to wet it a few times while you're awake to get used to laying down while using the restroom.

When u got go to the bathroom don't just do it in bed but why would u want to wet the bed

I don't care if you report me or not,I just want to know why in the hell do you want to wet the bed in your sleep?
But after drinking a lot of water and when you go to bed and you get that, pee real bad feeling, and you think you have to get up.Don't get up just lay there and relax and pee.

drink 30-40 cans of beer and alot of whiskey. it works.

Why would oy uwant to do that???

I am a little concerned about your motives. Why do you really want to wet the bed? This is very strange behavior but putting your hand in warm water is really the only thing I have heard of. Perhaps you are trying too hard and your sub-conscience is fighting against you. Maybe if you first take a sedative, then drink lots of water, finally have your friend put your hand in warm water. If you are medicated, then you won't be able to fight the urge to get up and go to the restroom.

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