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How do you know if the bee's stinger is left in you and what do you do?

KiKi B

pull it out

1. Remove the stinger as soon as possible. Use your fingers, tweezers - whatever works best.

2. Wash the site with soap and water, or clean it with alcohol.

3. Put ice or a cool, wet compress on the inflamed area.

4. Soothe the inflammation with a paste made from baking soda and water. Apply calamine lotion to help relieve itching and pain

Because you can see it, looks like a small needle, you have to take it off immediately with own nails if you have them long enough or use tweezers, there a trick with a credit card, but I feel is not so safe. After you take it off you should apply some ice.

pastor of muppets
You should be able to feel it when you rub your finger over it like a splinter. If it's there, then pull it out with tweezers.

Pour alcohol over the area. Treat it like a splinter. Put a sewing needle over a hot flame and open up the wound and allow it to bleed. Thoroughly wash your hands afterwards with a good antiseptic soap and keep it clean by washing your hands regularly. Use peroxide after you wash your hands.

As with anything...be very cautious about infection. If their is any doubt, see a physician.

I don't know.. Can you see it its still there. If it is then i would just take it out. Or lick where you got stung and you will probably feel it with your tongue.

it's going to hurt and swell and you will feel feverish. Get a magnifying glass and check your skin where you got stung.


Sonny H
look and see if there something hanging out, if so you or have someone take a clean needle an pick out the stinger, do not use tweezers as you force more venom in the bee sting, clean good , if you are not alerget to bees ,you should be fine///

it has a small black hook like on your skin, that is not cost you to die if it is only one shot, probably you will be in fever.

It won't heal if its still in and usually you will be able to see it, if so you need to pull it out immediatly! If your not sure if its in there or not, call your doc.

you will see it and if the little sac of poison hasn't been squeezed do not remove with tweezers scrape it away with a blunt knife or similar so as not to allow the poison to be squeezed into you that way it wont hurt as much if at all

Amoeba Man
Usually a bee sting is plain to see. Sometimes the guts of the bee is still attached. Bees die when they sting you (because their stinger is attached to their insides). It is the yellow jackets (they look like bees) and the hornets or wasps that can keep stinging you as many times a s they want. (and they do not leave stingers in you)

If you have the stinger in. Try to pull it out immediately. However, apply ice to keep swelling down. You can take benadryl to keep it from itching and the reaction minimal.

If you are allergic, you need to get to an emergency room, if you do not have epinephrine with you ( common use is Epipen).
If wasp or hornet (including yellow jacket) you can apply some baking soda and it WILL aid in lessening the reaction.

The stinger looks like a small black splinter. There is usually a venom sack attached to it.


This will cause more venom to go into the body. To remove it simply run a credit card or debit card over the area were the stinger is and it should come out. If you're allergic to bee stings get immediate medical attention. After you've got the stinger out apply ice over the area were you got stung. It should be tender and inflamed for the next few days.

you might be able to see it, but if not, try flicking over the are with a credit card or driver's license. do not try to squeeze it out like a splinter, becaue more of its venom can come out in the stung area and cause more swelling/irritation

its me♥
well if you see something that looks black or brown in your skin were you got stung that should be a bee sting you take a credit card and just go over it with the card it should get the stinger out thats what i learned in nurse training.i hope it helps.:]

only the honeybee leaves it's stinger in you. You will see it.

Pour milk over it.It will losen it and stop the pain.No kidding.

Do not use tweesers or anything that will pinch the stinger, swipe it with a credit card or knive, going the way it is slanted. If you can't see it, use a magnifying glass, if there is nothing there it is probably out.

Use scotch tape... no kidding, it will pull it out. Just put the tape over the area that you were stung and and then quickly pull it off.

old country recipe, wet tobacco to the area of the sting!

generally... you can see it if its still in you.


The stinger, if left behind will have a small poison sack attachted. if you grab it... you'll inject that poison.

You need fine tipped tweezers to get hold of the hard stinger, avoiding the sack.

If you can't find tweezers... someone else will have to take 2 knives, slide then against the stinger from opposite sides (as if shaving TO the stinger) and lift it out.

idk how you can tell.
usually if it is still in a sort of rash develops where or near where you got bitten. it will be like red and swollen.
you take baking soda and put it in water.
then you take something and rub it all over.
leave it on til its all crusty looking.
then wash it off.
after you put the baking soda on,put a rag over it and put some ice on it.

if it still itches.
use benedryll cream for itching.

if you have a credit card or somthing like that flick it over the stung area and it will remove it

the stinger will almost always break off, so when you find it, use something blunt like a credit card or a key and sort of scrape the stinger offf

You will see the stinger at the puncture site.

To remove a stinger, use a finger nail or a debit card or an index card (something of the sort) and rub, parallel to the skin, up and down the site of the sting.

This will work the stinger out. Never pinch the stinger to pull it out, this actually releases more venom into your body. This would be bad if your allergic to bees.

If you have never been stung before, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you have, and you get a local or systemic reaction to the sting, seek treatment immediately.
(This is more than just minor swelling at the site).

Anytime you are stung in the throat or mouth, you should seek medical attention, as your throat may swell shut, causing you to stop breathing.

◄☯♫ vanitee of vanitees ♫☯►
rubbing alcohol.... it usually protrudes from where u got stung so u would know... its gonna swell just use something to soothe the sting.

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