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 What do I do if he chokes again?
My brother is handicapped (hes about the size of an 8 year old)and I'm home alone feeding him lunch. (I'm 14) I warmed up some left over soup to give him and he started laughing as he ate ...

 I ingested a little bit of bleach. Besides a bit of a weird taste I feel fine, should I call the doctor?

Additional Details
It was just a tiny bit that got onto my hand from the counter while there was cleaning solution on it. I don't think it was enough to do much but I just got ...

 My 3 yr old daughter has a fever up to 38degree celcius i tried to give her calpol ang spongebath any advise?
her fever is constantly on the 38 degree celcius. even if i spongebathe her and give her calpol every 4hrs, her fever won't subside anymore advise for these. it has been 2 days since she had ...

 How To Reduce Swelling?
I got my nose done ..aproximately 1 month ago and Is very swollen. Does anybody know anything that helps besides ice?...

 Where can I buy pure water?

 My friend is only 30, does she have alzheimer's?
When someone is talking, or telling a joke, she does not laugh, or even get it because she already forgets the puchline. She always needs things repeated....Sometimes she forgets what she is saying ...

 Easiest way to quit smoking, anyone?
all are hard I guess, but what is the easiest way of all of them?help!...

 I steped on a nail?!?!?!?
i got my tetnus shot a few weeks ago and the nail didnt look rusty. it pierced the underside of my foot a little, cant tell how deep but its not bleeding.i put some hydrogen peroxide on it then ...

 I got stung in the water by SOMETHING
The sting has imprinted a red graph pattern on my arm.
It burns.
Any guesses?
This was in NJ shore....

 Do u believe that yahoo is racist?
why they have to put a monkey game for yahoo philippines its ridiculous then after a minute they change the page lay out again wtf????
Additional Details
visit yahoo.com.ph


 How to enhance your Eyesight?
Are there any ways to enhance your eyesight if its weak? No medicines, no use of glasses or lenses?...

 Is it ok to chew a prescription capsule?
my son is having a hard time swallowing prescrption capsule pill, ok to swallow? Looking for advice, calling dr in ...

 My 1yr old was stung by mosquito a day later his eyelid is swollen should i take him to doc immediately?
the mosquito bite was near the ...

 8 glasses of water a day?
I know your so supposed to have atleast 8 glasses of water daily, but i was wondering if the one cup of water added to soup or the water in your soft drink or the water in your fruit drink are all ...

 A wood splinter?
i was making food with some wooden skewers and got a splinter in my finger, so small its rediculous! i scratched it and tried to get it out and thought i had. but i hadn,t and it is obviously still ...

 What is the difference in Level 1,2,and 3 Emergency Rooms?

 My diaper wont stay on how can I keep it from slipping down?( I have a medical condition)?
The fastening tabs keep coming undone causing the diaper to slide off my waist....

 Werewolf bite cure?
i was bitten by a werewolf when loking for my flash light i droped out side two weeks a go. i think the next full moon in on the 30th and i herd if u cure yourself befor the fist transormation, your ...

 Is it true the putting a penny on a bee sting helps the swelling go away?

 What should I do after burning myself from a pan? please help!!?
it seems like its forming a blister.......

How do you convert feet to inches in a persons height?
when giving a person a pulmonary function test we have to know how tall they are in inches

multiply feet by 12


Multiply their height in feet by 12 and add any additional inches. For example...if someone is 5'2, you'd take (12*5) and then add the 2 inches, giving you 62".

Are you sure you should be giving pulmonary function tests?

multiply your feet by 12, add the inches you know to the
product, answer

Multiply the feet in height by 12. Then add remaining inches.

Example: I am five feet, ten inches tall
12 x 5 = 60
60+10 = I am 70 inches tall

Well for each foot there is 12 inches. So if they are 5 feet, they are 60 inches. You take the number of feet they are, and times it by 12. But if they are say, 5'2", then you take the 5 and times it by 12. But then you just add the extra 2 inches. So a 5'2" person, is 62 inches.

1 foot = 12 inches
Simple isn't it

multiply the number of feet by 12 and then add the number of inches.

ex 6'2"=6*12+2=74"

multiply the feet by 12, add any extra inches. 6 foot 2 inches is 6 times 12 (72 inches) plus 2 inches...giving you 74 inches. Now if you want to convert to meters or centimeters...that is a different question

12 inches = 1 foot

suppose you are 5 ft 6 inches. You take 12 * 5 = 60 (inches) + 6 inches = 66 inches

Crash and Burn
Take their height

EG 5 foot 6 inches

5 foot x 12 = 60 + 6 inches = 66

As there is 12 inches in a foot you multiply the feet times 12 and add the left over inches.

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