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How do I stop the burning from a burn to my fingers?
I was cooking and liftef the lid and got burnt on my fingers from the stem.The burning hurts and I need relief any ideas on some home remedies to stop the burning.The burn does not need medical attention its just a minor burn.

SusanS, Incognito
As quick as I get a burn when cooking, I run my hand under cold water. I think it takes the burny out and lessens the chance of blister. I have no scientific basis for this,but it works for me.

Sharon B
Put your finger on an ice pack or a package of frozen vegetables for about 15 minutes.

I have always used pure Aloe and that has worked amazingly well.

Just find a glass and fill it with cold water.. something you can carry around with you. Keep your fingers emersed.. when you take them out you will find out they still burn as intensely but, you can function and continue your daily chores.

Run cold water on your burn. You may also apply an ice pack on the burn to ease the swelling. Applying toothpaste may cause inflammation to the burn.

Not a Daddys Girl
Now don't laugh cause this really, honestly works.
I got a really bad burn covering my in tire palm of my hand and fingers.
I was told to put regular yellow mustard all over thin coat and let it dry..and I did and my burns didn't blister or anything.
I felt silly while I was letting it dry but it really worked.
That and you could always use Aloe Vera, liquid, burn spray...
and cold water....
But try the mustard really .
I also used the mustard on my sons hand when he burned himself, it really does work.

run cold water on it for a couple of seconds that will cool it down some

if you Are burned and go to the hospital they will try to cool your burn so cool it w/ ice water frozen peas 15 min on 15 min off cocoa butter is way old remedy

I burned my finger on a hot pizza pan...i took a wet tea bag on it and it went away

Aloe is the best....butter also works but by now its likly too late....both need to be put on immediately.
With due respect to "mr 1st aid below" we're not speaking of third nor second degree burns here, and the advice is what to do for immediate relief...not prolonged treatment. Butter, as you see some others advise is just fine for 1st degree burns to try and stop the pain. IF it is more serious...2nd and third degree like scalding water or large portions of skin SEEK ONLY Hospital Emergency Room help FAST!

Every household should have an Aloe Vera plant. The properties of snapping off the end of a leaf and applying the ointment are such that often you will not even blister. It happens to be one of those folk remedies which not only work but works remarkably well.

Rest, Ice, Elevate

toothpaste white its my personal exp

Keep the affected part under cold water until the burning sensation stops.

Addendum: NEVER put butter on a burn, or any thing else which will coat it and keep the burn 'in'. Cold water, immediately, for as long as it takes.


aloe vera on them
baking soda

Make a pulp out of raw potato, it will stop the burning fast Better than anything you can find.

vaseline,bacitraction or that spray that numbs&cleanses at the same time

Put ice on it or aloe vera gel.

(1) Immediately after it happens cold water works well

(2) A lotion with aloe vera works well. I once scalded my arm and it went very well using Landers aloe vera lotion. I am not sure if still available.

(3) I am not sure if it will work but Polysporin has anti burning. My wife peeled Jalapeno Peppers a few years ago and this stuff was the only thing that gave relief. So I hoping it will be true of a burn as well.

Run it under cold water.

Try rubbing tomato on it. It works wonders.

I've heard yellow mustard. Hope it helps.

Texas T
Aloe vera plant is the best to use but if you don't have a plant, aloe vera gel will work too.

Maybe it sounds strange, but....what I always do and it really works....instead of running around with a cup of cold water or some strange stuff on your burn...just hang in there and tolarete the pain, you won't believe it but in a few minutes it will completely disapear and you won't even remember it anymore. It always worked for me.

run the finger under warm water then gradually turn it to cold water

Anytime you receive a burn (not with every burn, just burns like the one you described), the first thing you should do is run cold water on your finger, or the area of the burn, because the thermal damage goes down by layers. Run cold water on it.

As far as applying something to it, you might could use some aloe vera. You could also take aspirin or something to lessen the pain.

aloe vera and cold water

Bella Know All
run cold water over it for 1o mins no less. if not use an ice pack or frozen veg on it for 2 mins on and 2 mins off for 15 mins. dont add creams as they will trap the heat in,.

Ice till the burning stops.

Try toothpaste

toe poe gee gee oh
Keep it in cold water and purchase a product called burn aid or similiar product...it is a topical ointment that takes the pain away.

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