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Heavy Sigh
How do I stop nausea from Vicodin?
I was prescribed Vicodin for pain and it makes me so nauseous that I keep throwing it up. I've heard it's a common problem with this class of pain killers. Anyone have any tips or tricks? I'm in enough pain already without having to vomit every 10 minutes.

I was prescribed Vicodin after my gallbladder surgery and within 2 days, I had to stop taking it. I was so nauseaous and dizzy, I couldn't stand it anymore. I ended up talking to my mother later in the week and she told me my older brother had the same reaction to Vicodin and that the doctor told him it was an allergic reaction. I'm not saying it is for you, just another perspective. If it's really bothering you, though, just call up your doctor and have him prescribe something else for your pain. Good luck and get well soon.

Penny P
You have a sensitivity to this med, so stop taking it. Call your doctor and get a different pain med. This is a side affect that alot of people have, and it wont get better if you take it with food etc.

I'm currently on Vicodin after having hand surgery. Try taking it with a snack. I always use crackers and that usually helps with the side effects of it. Good Luck!

Totally take it with food. I took it on an empty stomach and was puking forever. But taking it on a full stomach is a different story. It really does work. If it doesn't help you, then you need to call your doctor and get a new prescription.

Are you taking it on an empty stomach or without food? A lot of painkillers cause huge amounts of nausea or even vomiting if you do not take them while eating something. If that's the case, eat a slice of bread or soup when you take it.

Check for allergic reaction symptoms first (could be other signs such as hives perhaps). It may also be too heavy a dose. After checking with your Doc, make sure you have something in your stomach, try half a pill then take the other half about an hour later. The other option, but check with your Doc or pharmacist first, is to take some gravel about half an hour before the Vicodin.

Eat something with it...and try taking ginger pills. You can get them at any supplement store and they work great for nausea.

Call your doctor. I had a root canal and the meds the doctor gave me for pain made me throw up. I called and told them. He called in something different.

I'm some pain killers now for a bladder condition I have. They just make me feel a little sick, but at times I'll take a dose of Pepto after I take the pain pill and that helps.

Make sure you have something on your stomach too before you take the pill. Try to space out the pills too. I have noticed if I take them like every 4hrs like it says I feel sick. But if I take one every 6hrs I don't feel as bad. Lay down. The more you move the more sick you may feel.

Also my sister in law was on pain meds for awhile and she said her doctor gave her something for the nausea. That may be an option for you too.

Good luck. I've been there. I hurt my ankle really bad one year and the nausea was so bad my whole family missed Thanksgiving dinner at my inlaws because I was throwing up so bad! I felt awful about that too.

Pain killers and vitamins- always take with food. Most medicines, but check the bottle, are usually made to be taken with something in your stomach and a full glass of water. Make sure to also have many very small sips of water when you are vomiting- and I do mean very small sips. After a certain point, you may become way too dehydrated and keep throwing up, decrease your immune system's ability to fight infection, decrease your blood pressure, pass out, or raise your body temperature. So, in simple terms, make sure to stay hydrated.
Also a little home remedy of mine: crackers like saltines and sips of ginger ale will also help calm your tummy- trust me it works!

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