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will you kiss it better please? I cant even bend my foot!
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I dont need an x-ray, I cut it reel deep. thats why it hurts. lol....

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Health Savings Account! What a sham. Everyone I know without health insurance lives paycheck to paycheck. We don't have 1000 dollars to start one of these. Yes, I agree that in a free market, ...

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 Spider bite?
Has anyone ever been bitten by a recluse or violin spider? I have a red-purple ping pong ball mark with blister in middle and whitish ring around it
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I went to the hosp....

what can i do to stop the pain.?...

 I have horrible allergies!?
My allergies are so bad, zertec makes me tired, clariton doesnt help, and neither does alavert. I try to stay away from nasal spray. Suggestions?
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no, i dont sleep with ...

 What can you do when you burn your tongue??
To make the burn heal faster...damn pizza....

 When severely injured, how to stop bleeding? (the kind when u bleed too much, u die)?

Additional Details
ok lol.
im not actually bleeding rite now.
just wanted to kno how in case of an emergency.
btw, how would u add pressure?...

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 Week old lip piercing issue!?
I got my lower right lip pierced a week ago, and it bled the night I got it, and was pretty swollen for 4 days, and it the swelling went down, but randomly tonight it started bleeding. It stopped ...

How do I know if my kid needs stitches in his lip?
He fell last night and cut his lip. It bled a little bit, but got pretty fat...He is three and if I can avoid a trip to the Urgent Care, I would like to do so...but if he needs to have it stitched, then I obviously want to do that!

It's best to take the child to the emergency room. In the future, your child will thank you for it. If it is deep, it might not heal properly. However, you should not wait to see, because if it begins to heal, there isn't much they can do but leave it alone. The doctors know best.

Wayne P
Any facial wound really needs to be seen by a doctor, and i highly reccomend you take him there, um it is too late for them to stich it that has to be done within the first 12 hours but also now the probley will be some pertrusive scaring on his lip

Little Softy
Now that you have already waited, they won't stitch it. And often times with little ones like that, they try not to do stitches and let it heal on its own. My sister used to split her lip open often and they wouldn't stitch it and her face looks fine.. you'd never know it had happened to her. Just be sure to keep it as clean as you can and use a little ice to bring down the swelling. I'd keep an eye on it for infection and if it does get infected, then take your son to see the doctor. And if it didn't bleed a lot, I am guessing it wasn't a very large or deep cut so he will be ok.

ice it. he prob doesnt need sitches. facial wounds tend to bleed alot more then other wounds will. so chances are its not really that deep.

Hi, if your son's lip has a cut or tear in it that has a 'flap' appearance he will be scarred. If it is a split, is it deep? If a split just lays open and you can see inside of it it will scar too. Since it happened last night they will not be able to stitch it now anyways as there is a problem with it the bacteria and the edges of the skin already dying. If it looks deep to you go to the drug store and get some of the butterfly bandages. After cleaning it out very well with antibacterial wash and some peroxide, apply these. These need to stay in place for several days to a week without you taking them off unless they get really soiled to work properly. That is what they will do to him in urgent care now. Also lots of ice on the lip, 10 mins on, 10 mins off for the next hour and then 10 mins every hour for the next day to help the swelling.
If you have a hard time with the ice give your son all of the Popsicles he can munch!
I went through this with my son as a toddler and his healed nicely with barely a scar!
Best of luck!

You should probably take him to a doctor, even if for whatever reason you don't want to. It might heal the wrong way and he could have a scar for the rest of his life. See if it needs to be stitched, and the only way to do that is through a doctor.

Mickey F
Keep a frozen washcloth on it. Also, you can use butterfly bandages to act like stitches and keep it together.

ti has been longer than 4 hours they won't bother stiching him at all for the fact that it has already started healing. the will give him a band aid and send you home

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